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  1. Are there any updates of the Advance Auto Parts discount codes????
  2. How about if I throw in a picture of the grill?
  3. Thanks Nic, As always, it is appreciated very much. Kevin
  4. We owe so much to so many who have served their country. Let's not forget how we got the FREEDOM that we all enjoy.
  5. Booreatta, Thanks for the invitation. I don't think it will happen this year, but will keep it in mind for next. Kevin
  6. Thanks Richard D, After 133 views and 1 response in 23 hours I thought I was being shunned or something. Hope everyone has a great holiday tomorrow and let's not forget the reason for this special day.
  7. Well, I bought a '81 Corvette last year and thought the '90 Reatta was history. A year has come and gone, and I still have the Reatta. So we went for a ride this evening in the Reatta, (the Jack Russell has to have his ride), and my wife says maybe she'll keep the Reatta for her own toy. Well I'll be. It's good to have an understanding wife. I told her I wish the Vette road as nice as the Reatta, and the seats are a LOT more comfortable than the Vette seats, but I just love the lines of that '81 body style. And, Oh Yeah, I just retired too at 56 . Life just keeps getting better and better. I guess I'll be hanging out here again, so I guess I'm just saying, "It's good to be back."
  8. I just got the same e-mail. Nic's codes were always awesome, with better discounts. But any discount is better than nothing.
  9. Nic, Any updates on coupon codes for Advance Auto Parts???? Thanks, Kevin
  10. I attempted to remove the brake pressure accumulator. I unscrewed it, but was unable to remove it. The metal piece above it that runs from side to side is in the way. Do you have to remove something else to gain the clearance needed? Thanks
  11. My thanks as well. I've used the codes many times and have forwarded them to the Corvette Forum that I also frequent. The thanks that I have received truly belong to Nick. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the tip, Mc_reatta, I'll check it out soon.
  13. Ground at the solenoid, maybe???
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