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  1. Hi all! My grandmother wants to sell her 1983 Fleetwood. It has fewer than 100,000 miles (probably fewer than 75,000 but I don't want to exaggerate and I'm not 100% sure). I am sure that it is in amazing condition. This is no exaggeration. For twenty-five years whenever we have sat in this car, we have sat on towels that cover the silver gray leather seats. I do recall that it has a small cigarette hole in one of the seats. My grandfather, who smoked, burnt a hole in it before he died nineteen years ago. She babies this car; it sits in her garage on carpet: She once had to replace the tires because they dry-rotted. This car is in such good shape that it still has its original floor mats. She does take it out on the highway about once a month to 'blow it out'. She wants to sell it and I would like to help her. However, we live all over the place. I'm in school in DC, my mom is in CT, my brother is in CA and my grandmother is in the midwest. What is a reasonable price that she can expect for this car and what is the best way to sell it? Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer.