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  1. I have all the '24 diff parts. I thought because the 24 had smaller wheels than the 23 and earlier (21" compared with 24") the diff ratios would be taller to keep the final speed around the same but I have found all the diff gear ratios are the same in both models. How is the 24 model with smaller wheel diameter able to go the same or similar speeds as the larger wheel diameter models if the final gearbox ratio is 1-1 in both models? Can this overdrive mod be done to early models and what does the mod entail? Thanks
  2. Has anyone done a 4 or 5 speed conversion to an earleir model Dodge like a '23?
  3. Its a Dodge around '20 -'22 model. Its got the 3/4 elleptic rear springs and the front guards are definately DB.
  4. Its a 1923 converted to a ute. It has a 24 steering wheel.
  5. I had a really stuck clutch in my 23 after it had been in storage 10 years. Come to think of it the clutch was pretty bad before the storage. I used to have to put the car into gear, engage the clutch with my heel and press the starter with my toe. It would strain then release with a heavy jolt. I could see and feel this was no good for the starter generator. I then read on this forum about the brake clean thing and squirted 2 cans on the seperated plates over a few hours and it worked a treat. Before this I contemplated pulling it down but could not see what the problem could be. Have you given the brake cleaner a good chance to work? Maybe another can or two will do the trick. Good luck with it.
  6. I have an Australian 23 Tourer and fully advanced is up. I don't touch it at all even when cold. I have a Holden carb conversion and this thing pulls like a 15 year old. Sometimes it feels sluggish till I realize my kids have playing in the car and have pulled the lever down which is retarding the timing.
  7. I use a late model toothed belt turned inside out. Works perfectly and available everywhere.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have a newer carb on my Dodge now and I am finding top is now too low. It could very easily pull higher gearing. I was thinking maybe a later Dodge with 21" wheels might have a taller diff set and can be made to fit?
  9. Want To Buy - Taller rear end gears to fit a 1923 Dodge. Some were made aftermarket I believe. Any help appreciated. Thanks John
  10. Hi Everyone Is there any way to make my '23 Dodge Tourer geared taller. It has 24" wheels. Maybe a different model diff center?
  11. Hi Everyone I bought the front and rear bumpers off this Dodge and had them sent to Australia. The front bumper is complete and not a problem but the the guy did not send me the brackets to attach the rear bumper to the chassis. Can anyone send me some photos or literature to help me make some rear brackets. The bumper brand is stamped Lyon Vanguard Bumper. I am also still looking at making a towing hitch so any info on that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks John
  12. Hi Can anyne tell me about this Romar 3.5 gear? Would it suit a 1923 Tourer with 24" wheels? Does it change the gearing on the final drive? Thanks
  13. Would this particular car have an all steel body?
  14. Hi Does anyone have plans, images or ideas on how to fit a trailer tow bar or hitch as you Americans call them to a 1923 Tourer. It has the 3/4 elliptic rear springs. I am planning on building a vintage style box trailer. Thanks John
  15. I have perfect reproduction fiberglass front and rear fenders for 1923 Dodges. Are the fronts the same for the pre-1923? I spent countless hours producing the moulds. Its a pity I am in Australia.
  16. I have just completed the Holden carby conversion similar to Brian from Oz on my '23 tourer. I cannot believe the difference in performance it has made. It actually accelerates up hills that it used to struggle with and has made driving my Dodge a much more pleasant experience all round. I might add it is a lot safer being able to keep up with the flow of traffic as well.
  17. Hi My '23 Dodge is fitted with a magneto and it runs perfectly. Is there any performance advantage in running a distributor setup? Why did some models of the same year come with different ignition systems? Thanks John
  18. Has anyone had their early 20's Dodge engine/flywheel balanced and what were the results as far as vibration goes? Thanks
  19. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: tmarvin</div><div class="ubbcode-body">nice car john neat to see another color then black. Did it come with tan interior or was that what you liked. I have had alot of help getting my car together from reading this forum and great people like vern & flo at romar. the db chatroom is a great place to get help too</div></div> That green is an original color here is Australia. I went for the tan interior to brighten the car up a bit. I didn't want it to look like camo. You are right about this forum. I wish it was around 34 years ago when I started this resto.
  20. Here are some more images. I started this restoration in 1974 when I was 16 yrs old and finished it in 1992. Got it fully road registered and let it lapse in '98 when the kiddies started arriving. Now they are old enough to ride in it, I'm taking it for inspection for rego again next week.
  21. I posted a picture of my 1923 Australian Dodge tourer a couple of days ago. I am sure only the running gear, cowl and fenders were imported here and the bodies were built here. When I removed the front seat in 1974, the word "Brisbane" was painted on the seat top cross brace. There was a wooden frame with the body work tacked to the frame work. It was neat to see all the little wedges and slithers of timber used to get the gaps etc correct back in the day. I have Googled some 1923 Dodge pictures and it seems the U.S version had an all steel body plus it seems that the U.S bodies had a swedge around the top and around the doors. Mine does not have this swedge, it stops at the cowl. I have also noticed my Dodge seems to sit higher at the back. Maybe this was done on purpose because our roads and terrain were rougher than in the U.S? Do you want me to post more images to see if yours is the same? John
  22. This is my '23 with the high density foam seats.
  23. Starter working properly now! Nice thick leads did the trick. I will check the brushes and tension as well. Thanks for your help, guys. John
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