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  1. I am still looking for a 1917 Dodge Roadster 13/47 ring and pinion. I want to retro fit this to my '23 Dodge Tourer to make the gearing taller.
  2. How did you find the gearing? Was it much better for higher speeds?
  3. [TABLE=width: 100%] <tbody style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px;">[TR] [TH=align: inherit]Condition:[/TH] [TD]Used[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TH=align: inherit]Seller Notes:[/TH] [TD=class: sellerNotesContent]“Good, original.”[/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] [TABLE=width: 100%] <tbody style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px;">[TR] [TD=class: attrLabels]Warranty: [/TD] [TD=width: 50.0%]No[/TD] [TD=class: attrLabels]Brand: [/TD] [TD=width: 50.0%][h=2]Dodge Brothers[/h][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=class: attrLabels]Country/Region of Manufacture: [/TD] [TD=width: 50.0%]United States[/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE] [TABLE=width: 1230, align: center] <tbody style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px;">[TR] [TD] Dodge brothers hard to find high speed ring and pinion; stamped 47/13. This were usually found on 1917 roadsters. Fits 1914 to 1920's Dodge brothers. Great for highway cruising or that speedster project. Great original condition for 100 years old. [/TD] [/TR] </tbody>[/TABLE]
  4. The ad said this 47/13 ratio was a standard 1917 Dodge Roadster ratio. Can anyone confirm this? I will contact Romar. Thanks for the lead.
  5. There was a Dodge high speed ring and pinion gear set on Ebay recently. It is 47/13 teeth and was supposed to be from a 1917 Dodge Roadster. My 1923 Dodge has 50/12 47/13 is 3.61 ratio 50/12 is 4.16 ratio I have alway found my Dodge very low geared and it definitely feels it could use taller gearing. Has anyone with an early Dodge had any experience with this ratio gear set? Anyone have this ratio set for sale? Any opinions are welcome. Thanks
  6. My 1923 magneto is currently being rebuilt. About 20 years ago I read or heard about advancing the internal gear a few teeth for better engine performance. I did this mod and it did make a good difference and has been working well since then. I sent the magneto off to the rebuilder with a note attached to keep the same internal advanced setup. He won't do it and didn't take note of how many teeth it was advanced and I can't remember how many. Has anyone heard of this mod and have any details on it? The advancing didn't have any ill effects on the magneto by the way. It failed because of a seized bearing.
  7. Does anyone know of someone in Australia who can rebuild an Eismann magneto for a 1923 Dodge?
  8. Did anyone notice the Dodge has wire spoke wheels for most of the clip and wood spokes at the end?
  9. The first ad fenders etc are 1923
  10. My 1923 Dodge brakes almost completely disappear when it rains. The handbrake is also of no use. I can't believe all these brakes were this bad back in the day. When its dry there is no problem but in wet weather its terrifying. Are there any upgrades out there short of fitting a rear disc brake setup?
  11. A regular nail or something in the treaded part should not be a problem but the sidewall is a different story. Very dangerous. Maybe your tyres a retreads.
  12. That is correct. I had the same problem. A machine shop re-threaded the removable ball/sleeve with no problem.
  13. Boy, that must have been boring for you sitting in that garage for 45 years! LOL
  14. My 1923 Dodge Tourer is vibrating at about 35-40MPH. I at first thought the engine was out of balance but today I was coming down a long straight hill, pushed in the clutch and the vibration did not go away. I turned off the engine and put it in neutral and still the same. So now I'm thinking wheel balance. Is there any possibility of balancing these wheels or getting them close? They are 24" with wood spokes. Thanks
  15. The part of the front fender going down to the chassis looks '21-'22 as well.
  16. They are fibreglass with black gelcoat.
  17. After being in storage for 25 years I got my '23 Dodge fender moulds out and made a set for a friend. I suppose it's not done to use fenders like this but in the event of an accident I can whip up a new one for my daily driver.
  18. Thanks for the tip. Will have a new one shipped this week.
  19. I am wanting to purchase a lower water pump pulley for 1923 Dodge four. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  20. This is the one you bought recently in an earlier posting? Maybe you should check the cam and timing marks to make sure it was assembled properly way back. On a side note, I am in Newcastle and have a fully restored 1923 Dodge tourer.
  21. My 1923 Tourer does not have the metal trim. I used clear plastic tube split down the center to isolate the glass from the frame. I used pieces about one inch long every so often pinched around the glass then slid the glass into the frame. I then used a 3mm cake decorating piping tube and ran a bead of black silicon all the way around the frame and glass to emulate the original metal edging. Been working perfectly for twenty years and thousands of miles.
  22. Well, my rims certainly do not look hokey. If you got straight silver maybe but not the proper silver wheels paint. I would not spend 18 years restoring my Dodge to end up with hokey rims. But what would I know.
  23. I had mine sandblasted then I painted them with a spray can paint called Holts Silver Wheels. It is an acrylic paint, is fast drying and easy to touch up. Also very close to the original color.
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