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  1. I ended up repainting the front guards so that’s it for now.
  2. No hardener in acylic. Face mask is sufficient imo but if used everyday a respirator would be sensible.
  3. Apparently there is lots of information online.đŸ™„
  4. Any opinions out there on increasing the compression on an early Dodge 4? Any advantages or maybe added strain on the bottom end?
  5. I was just going to paint the top of one front door then.....
  6. When a couple of touch ups gets out of hand.
  7. Could someone please post an image of a 1923 rear hub puller or have the dimensions? For the first time my rear wheel is jammed on and I cannot release it.
  8. Bought a new nut and worked it onto the manifold thread with valve grinding paste as suggested. New header pipe, packing and copper crush rings and it’s nice and quite. Sure makes a good difference.
  9. That’s a 1923. Same as mine.
  10. Is the packing used on the manifold thread like a thread tape and is it like a ribbon or rope?
  11. I was just reading your previous post and thought what the hell is he talking about, lol All good suggestion. Thanks everyone.
  12. The nut has not came loose. It is I cannot use a ring gasket between the manifold and the first pipe because the nut doesn't grab the manifold at the start.
  13. Yes, mine has the large single nut. The nut I have seems ok but the threads on the manifold look worn down. The nut slips on half way up the thread before it grabs. I thought I might take it to a machine shop and have them build up that area with braze then recut the thread.
  14. Does anyone know the size/pitch of the large thread at the exit of the exhaust manifold of a 1923 Dodge?
  15. I fitted a downdraft Stromberg carb to my '23 and the difference it made to performance is terrific. Most hills where I used to have to downshift to 2nd it now accelerates up in 3rd. Starts easier, idles better, all round happier.
  16. As far as I know there is no camber and castor adjustability on my Dodge.
  17. Looking for speedo inner drive cable for a 1923 Dodge. Is there a repo available? Don't want to get a speeding ticket lol.
  18. Did some steering box adjustments according to the book of information and that made a good difference. Will also replace kingpins etc and do a toe adjustment. Thanks for the advice.
  19. When driving my 1923 Dodge I find the steering very stiff at low speeds. I have correct tyre pressure and when the front wheels are jacked up off the ground the steering seems easy lock to lock with no binding etc. I have never driven another old Dodge so am not sure if this stiff steering is normal. Any advice out there?
  20. I have mentioned before about advancing the internal gears in the magneto. I read about it somewhere about 20 years ago. I cannot remember the number of teeth I advanced it but it made a hell of a difference in performance. A couple of years ago my magneto siezed so I sent it down to a bloke in Melbourne to be rebuilt and told him over the phone I wanted the advanced timing noted and put together the same way. I even attached a note to remind him. Well, I get it back and old mate put it back together with standard timing and the difference in performance is depressing. I think it was 5 or 8 teeth advanced so I suppose I will have to experiment. If only he had done as requested. Of course he didn't take note of the number of the teeth. Never again for him.
  21. Does everyone love THERE Dodge Brothers?
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