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  1. Ok thanks. It will be a couple of weeks till I get back so that gives me plenty of time to worry.
  2. I was going off this and a couple of other similar posts.
  3. I have my ‘23 engine out getting rebored and want to paint it while it’s out. I’ve seen a couple of posts where a bloke said they were originally light grey and fade to green after a few years of heat cycling. Would I be better going for grey using modern paint which probably wouldn’t fade off or just go straight to the weird green colour.
  4. Using springs? Mine has high density foam. Easy to make a bit thicker seat base for those vertically challenged and hasn’t sagged since done in ‘91.
  5. I was shaking like a leaf when I first drove mine after 18 years of restoration
  6. Like looking under a brand new car. Great job👌
  7. Yes it was. I will be pulling off the sump shortly and popping the pistons for a look at the rings. The problem is it wasn’t the cylinder with no compression that has the gouging. I will look into resleeving or finding a donor block. It was last reconditioned in 1991 so about time again I suppose.
  8. Lost compression on one cylinder in my ‘23 and found a couple of gouges in a cylinder wall where it looks like the pin circlip has come adrift and the pin has moved sideways. It was already bored to 40 thou oversize and I am not confident it will clean up at 80 thou which is the biggest oversize pistons I can get in Australia. Anyone have any experience with resleeving or know of any larger over sized pistons?
  9. The fun part was getting him in and out of it.
  10. This is my 91 year old Uncle Val who bought my Dodge on behalf of my Grandfather in 1950. The yard wanted £50 and he said he had three nice crisp £10 pound notes. The salesman said can’t do it so my Uncle left. He got chased down the road and the salesman ok, let’s do it. Not bad for £30 ($60)
  11. I used acrylic for my wind wings. Clearer than glass, much lighter and best of all much, much cheaper.
  12. Yes. There’s always something wrong with a good idea.
  13. Took my Dodge with the modified layshaft and high speed first and second gear for a good drive this afternoon. The gearbox ratios are terrific now. No big jump from 2nd the 3rd and 1st gear being higher ratio makes crossing intersections from a stop much safer not having to change to 2nd half way across. Dropping from 3rd to 2nd is much easier. I can’t say there is more gear noise in reverse like I thought there would be after using the very worn 1st gear as reverse after flipping the layshaft. Sounds exactly the same as before. There is still some slight whirring noise in 1st and 2nd but nowhere near as bad as it was before. I think after some use these gears will wear in with one another and it will quite right down. In just this drive there was a reduction in noise from when I first took off. Overall very happy with the results.
  14. I have new bearings with the outside seal in place only. It seems this machined washer would stop the clutch from coming back too far. Previously it seemed my clutch pack used to slide backward and forward although it did work perfectly. Whoever did the modern seal thing did not utilise the washer. Maybe I’m wrong. Hope someone has a workshop manual and can look up if I’m wrong or right.
  15. It appears the donor gearbox I have been using in my 1923 has had a late model seal in place of the original felt/cork seal. There was no washer in this setup. This leaked and I want to go back to original. Can anyone tell me if I have the sequence correct in the images. I think it is housing, felt seal, machined washer. This washer fits snuggly over the square drive shaft and sits against the lip where the felt seal does it’s job. It seems the washer takes up the free space where the felt seal sits in the3 bolt housing and when the housing is tightened up it makes the felt seal expand onto the shaft. Looking at the cut away image , I’m sure I can see this washer like the washer at the other end the gearbox shaft. I’ve never written washer so many times.
  16. This is my ‘23 in 1974. Bought by my grandfather around 1950, given to my Dad in 1955 and driven till 1960 and parked behind our family bake house. This photo is the day I dragged it out as a 16 year old. I used to ride in it as a baby sitting between my twin big brothers. I worked extremely fast on this one. 18 years is quick, right?
  17. I finally have the reversed countershaft back from machining. Turned out good and can’t see there being a problem. To rehash, I flipped the countershaft over to bring the very good condition reverse gear teeth into the first gear position and the pitted 1st gear will now be reverse.r
  18. I already have much smoother via my rubber engine mounts. Looking at quicker acceleration and better gear changes. I am in the middle of gear ratio changes and thought while the gearbox is out I might take off a couple of kg’s.
  19. Anyone have any experience with flywheel lightening on ‘23 or earlier DB. Interested in results or opinions.
  20. Anyone lightened the flywheel on ‘23 or earlier flywheel?
  21. I could fall down my back steps roaring drunk and break my neck. If I happen to have the China plague my cause of death would be listed as COVID.
  22. The more it’s polished the worse it gets and spreads.
  23. It looks like it has been copper coated. I’m pretty sure that’s what I see through the chrome. The sides and front are perfect, it’s only the top. It looks tarnished.
  24. My ‘23 has wing nuts to adjust the brakes. I reckon yours is ‘24 +
  25. Can a ‘23 radiator shroud that I had chromed about 30 years ago be rechromed over the top? It is still in really good condition except for the top either side of the cap. It looks like the chrome was thin there and has been polished through. I can post an image tomorrow.
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