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  1. mitch lojek

    Wiring Questions

    I have a diagram for the 47 connie that I believe would work for you. if you send me your e-mail address,I'll send it to you because it doesn't upload very well. mitch
  2. mitch lojek

    power windows

    thanks guy's, I'll check the channels and the other stuff mentioned here. mitch I
  3. mitch lojek

    power windows

    I thought I saw a thread about power windows on a 1947 connie but I can't seem to find it so maybe somebody knows the answer. why does the window on the drivers side work great going up and down at the same rate of speed but on the passenger side the window goes down slow but goes up normal speed? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  4. mitch lojek

    Wiring question '48 LC coupe

    thanks LAND YACHT, I hope I got this right.
  5. mitch lojek

    Wiring question '48 LC coupe

    phil, I read your post and I'm doing exactly what your saying,but the problem is when I upload the attachment there is a message that says there is an error in the file and then it doesn't post. mitch
  6. mitch lojek

    Wiring question '48 LC coupe

    glenn, I received the e-mail but cannot upload and post to the forum. mitch
  7. mitch lojek

    Wiring question '48 LC coupe

    glenn, cannot upload tiff file. can you send it in jpeg ,jpg or gif? mitch
  8. mitch lojek

    1955 Clipper windshield

    there's someone on that has front and rear windshields for sale. hope this helps. mitch
  9. mitch lojek

    Wiring question '48 LC coupe

    is that diagram something you can post as it would be helpful to others. thanks
  10. mitch lojek

    Floor or patch panels

    how are you doing harry, I bought the trunk floor panel from C2C for my 47 connie and I'm going to have to trim the panel to make it fit. I would have liked to just toss it in the trunk and just weld it in, but no such luck. if you decide to buy from C2C go to their website and buy it because it was cheaper then e-bay. mitch
  11. mitch lojek

    1947 continental question

    george, I appreciate you taking the time to up load these pictures. as my car came with these installed on both doors already, I'll just leave them alone for now but seeing is believing. thanks
  12. mitch lojek

    1947 continental question

    as you can see in the picture,there is some sort of rubber installed. I was told there should be nothing there,but it seems a little naked to me not to have something there to dress it up a little. maybe someone can post a picture of their car door.
  13. mitch lojek

    1947 continental question

    maybe this picture would help to understand my question.
  14. mitch lojek

    1947 continental question

    can anybody tell me if there was a small narrow piece of rubber running in the stainless steel moulding around the side of the front vent window going over the top of the large glass window and then down the side? I have that rubber piece installed,but was told that shouldn't be there. any help to clarify would be appreciated.
  15. mitch lojek

    power window question

    when I was talking to the owner of the car in question about the different doors, he thought the car may have had a chauffeur, but I didn't see any divider window or anything. I think I'll go along with the consensus that it was a repair.