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  1. My 46 Buick Super (straight 8 w/ single Carter carb) emits a black sprew from the exhaust. I believe this means it is running too rich. I know the mixture can be adjusted on the carb if indeed that is the issue. I look forward to your responses. Many thanks!
  2. I am interested also. I have a 46 Buick Super that I need to replace the temperature gauge.
  3. Hello, My 46 Buick Super has refillable shocks. Will hydralic fluid work without causing harm? Auto parts stores are stumped when you ask for shock absorber fluid. Help... Thanks!
  4. Thanks Norm. So I should take the plugs out and spray the foggin oil in? Same with carb? I have not used before but I see I probably should have done it before it went dormant. Didn't plan it this way. Thanks!
  5. I have a 46 Super that was passed down to me. I have been busy with demanding job and new child so it was parked for 2 years. I need to move it soon, what should I do to ensure I do not damage engine since it has been idle so long?
  6. My 46 Super has a starter on the gas pedal so as long as the ignition is not turned to the locked position then you will be able to start the engine. And the engine does not look like it ran 3 years ago, I don't know what else the sellers told you but I'd be wary. Good luck with your project!
  7. I have a 46 Buick Super- does the front right fender have to be taken off to access the heater core? Would the core have an affect on the collant temp? By this I mean if the core was corroded could this leade to accelerated temperatures? Right now lots of hot air pours in the cabin- not fun in Virginia summers
  8. Could this also account for exhaust smoke upon deceleration? I seem to get a puff of grayish smoke when I let off the accelerator.
  9. I am soooo happy to hear that overheating isn't unique to my 46 Buick Super. I took the manifold off the engine and took the freeze plugs out and cleaned out the water reservoir. Had the radiator cleaned and flushed, new thermostat, radiator cap and still it pegs when driven in warm temps. I'm considering installing an electric fan to assist the radiator. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Also the under the seat heat is always on, maybe if i clean that system out it would improve the water flow from the radiator.<o:p></o:p> And to comment on speed- I drove it on I-95 near DC (where I live) at 65 with no problem in engine noise or stability. I would prefer to not go above 55 but when I'm on the highway I have to drive at a decent clip or I will be road fodder.<o:p></o:p> I love this forum- it really does take a "village" on this hobby.<o:p></o:p>
  10. No, I never took the oil pan off but I just read that there is a float on the oil pump and that might be stuck. Would you recommend taking the pan off and cleaning the intake and testing the float? Also where is the oil filter?
  11. Recently rebuilt engine on 46 Buick Super from head manifold up. After getting it running and going through the post rebuild rides I find that after several miles the oil pressure gage goes way down at idle but seems fine once moving. I know this could be a function of several things but don't have the troubleshooting skills to determine if I'm harming my engine. What could be causing this?
  12. Chris, I have a 46 Super that never had that spark plug cover, I know it's just cosmetic but do you know any place that might have one?
  13. Wally, I own a 46 Super and in the process of an engine rebuild I disassembled the vaccum wipers and cannot get the hoses back as they were (I have since learned to take before photos), do you know of a diagram to use? Thanks Mike
  14. I have a 46 Buick Super and have used a company called Bob's Automobilia out of californina. They have new and NOS parts for Buicks 1919-56. http://www.bobsautomobilia.com/ Good luck with the 40!
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