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  1. I had the system done custom with magnaflow mufflers and it sounds great, not too in your face but still with a nice sweet big block rumble. Check out the pic (before and after)
  2. I have a 65 Riv with what seems to be a sagging drivers door. There is some paint damage where the door has rubbed on the lower door jamb, but does not seem to be rubbing anymore (old damage??). The hinges do not seem excessively worn, but there is some play (less than 1/8"). Are pins and bushings readily available? It looks like I may have to remove the front fender for access, please tell me that this is not so. How about adjusting the existing hinges? (This would be preferred even as a short term fix). Also please advise on t-bolts for the door skins, our door is missing the top three by the outside door release, which is causing some troubles. If this was not enough door troubles, the vent window regulator (hand crank not power) is busted (we have the crank with the shaft still attached). When we bought the car it came with a power vent window assembly, did the Riv come with power vent windows?? This one looks like the right size. Anyone need a power vent and want to trade for a non-power? What about the regulator being a standard part (not likely as this is a Riv!!) but worth a try. Anyone know where we could find in Canada? Just to make thing interesting here are some pics of the old girl. Thanks for your help it will save hours of head scratching and a bad hangover the next day.
  3. Hi Zomby Just replaced mine out of Edmonton. Let me know if you still need one and I will get you the information. I have my Riv in Port Moody now. Send me an E Mail at so we can get together, spill a beer, talk cars and listen to Frank. Regards Paul
  4. Hey Guys, It's nice to know that someone is close; Paul is in Port Moody and Brian is in Kelowna. If your in the area send me an email and let's try to hook up. Brian
  5. Thanks for your input guys. The old 401 runs pretty well. Highest compression cylinder is @ 150 and lowest @ 120, the rest are all around 125. It seems to have a little more valve train noise compared to the small block chevs that I am used to, is this normal for a 401? Your right, it has been all resealed and is running very well, what is the standard "red line" RPM for a 401, the old tranny wanted to shift at fairly low RPM and I'm wondering if it would be prudent to stretch it out a bit. The old oil and coolant taken out during the reseal showed no signs of cross contamination, and it isn't burning blue or white so I am hoping that the 401 won't cause any further troubles. Probably will do a new carb and electronic distributor in the next while, any recommendations? Thanks again. How can I post some pictures without having them on the web? Maybe I can talk my brother into coming out for the Fathers day weekend to turn some wrenches. Brian
  6. Check out just got a 65 Riviera. So I got this car for my brother, seemed like a good idea at the time. A nice clean 65 with 85K miles on it. He lives 4 hours away and the car was purchased in my home town. It had multiple minor issues which I was to work out before he came down for a weekend to spend some time working on it. It has spent the last two weeks in the shop replacing every concievable seal and gasket known to mankind, timing chain, engine and trans mounts, water pump, all hoses etc....The big day comes and with great excitment I picked this thing up, she's running like a dream. Until disaster happens, 3rd gear goes on the highway. Of course my wife and two young daughters are with me, I fielding questions like "Daddy, are we all gonna die" and " Is the car gonna explode" With a cool head I limp this thing into the nearest gas station where we all got out of the car least it start on fire or something and my youngest daughter quickly informs me that Uncle Paul's car is bleeding. A very large pool of ATF is spreading under the tranny. A quick trip into store to aquire 3 liters of ATF which basically pours out of the tranny as fast as I can get it in, then load everybody back in and have a wild ride to the shop hoping thee whole way that we can make it before we lose all tranny pressure and start looking for a tow truck. With a great deal of luck and some fancy driving we made it. So the Riv is now in the tranny shop, I think I'm getting used to seeing this thing on the hoist more than anywhere else. Hopefully this will be the last major item as most almost everything else is new or rebuilt. So here is the big question the 401 Nailhead, it's the only item left to be done. Can you guys help me out with budgets for a long block rebuild including heads. We will pull the motor and reinstall. The tranny comes out on Monday, and I will know what were up against. It's a T400 with the funky torque converter. Any tips in regards to the tranny rebuild or things I should watch for would be appreciated. I am also thinking of a mild shift kit, any reccomendations? Someday were actually going to drive this car..... Brian
  7. I have been reading most of the posts here and discovered that there is a great pool of talent and expert advice. My brother and I have just entered the Riviera dream with the purchase of a baby blue '65. I have had a number of classic cars, but this is the first for my brother in a very long time. It looks like I am on the hook for a number of repair items as I'm the family "motorhead". We are located in British Columbia Canada, and the history of the car indicates it's originally from Florida. The car is in great shape with very little rust and 86,000 "original miles". It is currently in the shop for seals of many varieties as it seemed to leak oil from everywhere. I am currently looking for some parts: 1) Complete air conditioning compressor and parts to make it complete. (car originally had air, but has been removed) 2) Horn button, but I think the wheel is out of a '66. Stainless steel???(I have the cover but the "guts" are missing.) 3) Rear transmission mount. Anybody have a part #? 4) Size and style of the speaker in the front dashboard. (I am installing a CD player in the glove box and would like to upgrade to something decent) Any access details would also be helpfull. 6) Was baby blue a factory color for '65? 7) Any tips on servicing and lubrication of power window assemblies would also be greatly appreciated. (please don't tell me the outer skins have to come off!!) I am also going do try and diagnose why none of the interior lights are working, as well as the stock AM radio. I have read here that the interior lighting is based on a 3 wire switch at the doors and switches on the ground, does anyone have a schematic for this, as that would be a great help. We intend to join the Riviera's owners association, but have not got that far yet. I will attach some pictures if anyone is interested. We are both very excited about this new car, and looking forward to working out some of the bugs. Thanks in advance for your help and replys, Brian and Paul