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  1. Take the lower flywheel cover off and inspect the flywheel, its the tin cover in front of the flywheel under the engine. If that doesn't show enough you can remove the lower casting that encases the lower part of the bellhousing.
  2. noise when cold initially, fumes and noise all the time later on. You should be able to see the crack once the noise starts. Now may be the time to remove it and take some preventative measures.
  3. I received this reply from the owner via Ebay "chassis tags non existent. Engine number ex 1683. I found I was comparing export vehicles with local production. Export models wee different that is why the Americans say this is 1913 as we got their run out stuff. We did not get electrics till 1915 they were in America in their 14 model. Have fun"
  4. I have a bit of interest in the car but its been posted in various forums so I've asked the owner to pop in here with all the relevant numbers so we can see exactly what it is he has without chasing him all over the place . Roger
  5. Hi, Looking for 1916 roadster rear mudguard bracket's that are on the chassis, have a 1915 pair to swap Roger (Australia)
  6. its all in the wood for me, bad wood in the body = parts car or a cheap long term project.When you say the doors need work is the wood rotten? this can get expensive. Carb wise parts should be available fro Bobs Automobilia. they are pretty basic but wear out like anything else, your problem could be anything... Can you find a Vintage Buick guy near you to look at it?
  7. Terry, Thanks, this may well be the easiest thing to find for an early Buick then Roger
  8. Guys, Its flat that much I know but does anyone have info on the original type of lens? maker and number so I can start looking? If you have an original lens could you post a photo? thanks Roger
  9. silver is the go its the most reflective, 95% of light is reflected, but it tarnishes, chrome is hopeless (60% of the reflectiveness of silver) , might look shiny but it isnt "reflective", nickel without chrome over will tarnish and it starts off less reflective than silver anyway (same as chrome I d guess) . The overcoated aluminium is what modern lights have, its the same process as telescope mirrors so should be 90% reflective, will not tarnish.
  10. how much we looking at for one reflector?
  11. well without teaching you to suck eggs... the body isnt square on the chassis, might be obvious but I dont know what your seeing over there. the door is way out of alignment and may be why you say it doesnt fit (?) as to where it all goes you should refit the radiator and square it , then the bonnet/catch plates and start checking gaps and align back as you go (square body over the chassis, (body should sit on a felt stuff on top of chasis). To align the doors you will have to check the hinges for wear then start with turnbuckles .... big job you will be sick of shimming and checking, once its looking good you will see the holes from under the chassis, makk them and pull it all appart again looks to me like some wood may be missing but not sure
  12. ? Im lost... if your body is good it will already have the holes in it to mount to the chassis? or are you saying the metal is good but there is no wood? maybe a photo?
  13. there was a local guy who had patterns for '26 but he retired years ago and i dont know who bought his patterns, cost to have it done by a coachbuilder is considerable.... probably doesnt help you but if you contact US coachbuilders you may find someone who did one and kept the pattern.
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