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  1. This is the statement that concerns me and I am already putting seat belts In my Moon. "The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash but talks of changing the laws revolving around classic cars are already in the works. If this legislation is approved, that means that all cars, no matter how old, must have seatbelts or harnesses installed to be legal and road worthy. While safety is no doubt a priority, these classics have been around for decades without any of these features. Also, this means drilling holes into million-dollar Concours cars."
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/kevin-hart-likely-file-lawsuit-220541042.html
  3. Have you looked in the Dodge forum. Do you have pictures? Where are you located? If you have pictures I may have some.
  4. I grew up before seat belts were required and then when they were required. I am going to put them in my 23 Moon touring to make sure that my grand children stay put. I am putting an extra cross member in to hold the belts. I realize that they are not perfect but I feel they are better then nothing. I am not putting them in my 1916 T or 1923 Dodge because you are sitting on fuel tanks.
  5. I always put the rack through card board to hold them. Much slower but my fingers appreciate.
  6. I would start with getting a Model A restorers handbook. It may not be absolutely identical but probably close.
  7. It has to be popular mechanic for me. Still have a lot of them. Tom Swift (The original series) where he was constantly inventing things.
  8. My moon has the same clutch and as was said there should not be a gap. I may have one I took out. I will check.
  9. David one of the first cars I bought was a 1930 buick touring. Towing it home it rattled. When we took the seats out there were no springs only leather loops with several jars still in them. This also explained the dual carb setup on the Buick six. We counted over 60 loops.
  10. There is a Model T club for these Model T snowmobile. Contact MTFCA.
  11. Here is another source as they have many styles. You also need driving gloves and a duster, https://www.ebay.com/itm/321838335361?fbclid=IwAR3A--F4x61gvKbcygZQ_FdtJsAy1aPKKQ-d6d90r0TwYNz2_Yxi9drKHFc
  12. Do you belong to MARC if you are looking for a place to sell. People in the club know what the value is and will buy when the price is right. I too take exception to your comment about the hobby. I have been collecting for over sixty years and have met some of the nicest people in the world and if you do sell to some one outside of the hobby I plan on welcoming them to the hobby. I also have two sons who collect and many grandkids who enjoy them.
  13. As they say in real estate it has no curb appeal. If you sell a house they tell you to freshen it up. The firewall would turn me off without looking at the rest of the car. Look at it from a potential buyer and what does he see when he walks up to it,
  14. Thanks David. I guess this is what the hole is for in my socket. I know you use jute webbing and I do also but some people use seat belt material and a F150 truck seat belt has enough material to do one side. I had a problem while painting my irons and sockets in holding them without leaving a wire mark. I ended up reinstalling my dummy bows and turning the unit upside down. Made a great painting stand. I have two staves left over from my 1923 Dodge Screen Side top which will make great measuring sticks. I just save the old material but in t
  15. David thank you for your observation. It is a very critical observation on this car as I had to replace over 50% of the wood frame. It is not bolted down since I am remaking the splash aprons and they need to be installed. I really appreciate you taking your time to help an old man.
  16. Well my sockets and irons for my 23 MOON are being painted and now I am wondering what is the proper way to terminate the bow drill after you wrap the bows.
  17. Here are some pictures of various stages. I have epoxied the irons and sockets, primed and hope to paint this weekend.
  18. Boy Scout items and early kids books (Tom Swift, Dave Dawson, ect).
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