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  1. When we had the last set of tornado's and floods I lost a lot of car parts. One of the items it seems that I lost is the shaft that the clutch pedal fits on. Does anyone have one they want to sell that fits a 1923 dodge. Thanks Jan
  2. I believe the one with the four keyways is newer. I have a locking fatman steering wheel on my 1916 Model t and according to my lit on the T they went to multiple keyways as a way of giving drivers the option. I would be interested in you steering wheel for my 23 screenside when you do sell. Have a nice day. Jan
  3. Tony: If you go to the Dodge Forum your problem has been discussed several times. Your two earlier comments are very good and let me add a couple. I have five cars with vac. tanks on them and they all work well when you understand what the vac. tank does and what problems you can have with them. They are not fuel pumps and when you replace them with a fuel pump you can create problems. A vac tank is a holding tank in which fuel is drawn into the tank using the vac. from the engine. It delivers fuel by gravity to the carb. and when you replace it with a fuel pump you will usually overwhelm the needle valve and create additional problems. To test the fuel system I start with the vac. line from the intake manifold and make sure it is not plugged or leaking. There is a pipe plug in the top of the vac tank and you can fill the tank with gas and see if the engine starts and runs. If it does then your carb is ok and you can proceed with the rest of the fuel system. While the engine is running disconnect the line from the vac. tank to the fuel tank and see if you have a suction. If you do not then your problem is in the vac tank. If you have suction then your problem is with the gas tank or then line leading to the gas tank. If it used to work and all of a sudden it quite working you may have a broken spring in the vac. tank or your vent line has become clogged. Take the screws off the top of the tank and carefully remove the top. There are two counterbalance springs in the tank, make sure they are not broken and there is a vent in the tank top make sure it is open. Beyond a leaking float and a leak in the gasket I am not aware of anything else going wrong with vac. tanks. Jan
  4. Tony: I had a tornado go through and destroy two of my barns which had cars and parts in them. The river rose and I lost most of my parts and I am trying to recover from it and dry everything out. Right now we are going through the mud and seeing what we can recover. Send me an email to Modelt1916@yahoo.com. Jan
  5. May be I can help. I have spent the last four weeks fighting the rising waters which has flooded my barn and caused me to lose a lot of parts. Lets see if we can solve your problem. Lets think about how an old car with a vac system works and where the problems occur. Starting at the back of the car you have a fuel tank. The first problem you can have is rust and gunk coming out of the tank. You mentioned a fuel filter which should be installed between the tank and the vac tank not between the vac. tank and the carb. The second problem can be a perforated line in the tank due to water rusting through the fuel line. The next potential problem is the vac tank which can have a plugged vent hole, a leaking vac. fitting a bad float or a leaking gasket. The next potential problem would be the carb which could have a bad float, a float set wrong or a bad needle valve. When I try and solve this type problem I start at the carb. and work backwards. Crack the inlet line to the carb and see if you have fuel. If you do then you have a carb problem. If you do not have gas then the delivery system has a problem. The next problem is vapor lock which occurs when gas vaporizes in the line and creates an gas vapor embolizim blocking gas from coming down the line. Putting a electric fuel pump will not solve the problem only create additional problems. Cars with mechanical or electric fuel pumps can still have vapor lock and we didn't solve the problem until we put return lines in but what a fuel pumps causes with old carb is flooding due to over powering the needle valve. If you have no gas at the carb disconnect the line from the vac. tank and see if you have fuel coming out. If you have fuel coming from the tank and none at the carb you probably have a vapor lock. Some mechanics put a loop in the line between the carb and tank, some put insulation on the line and cover it with aluminum foil and I have seen the cloth pin method tried. If you do not have gas then check the vac. line and make sure it is not plugged on leaking. If you have a fuel filter remove it and see if it helps. The reason you do not put a filter between the tank and carb is that gravity is the only pressure you have and you will compromise it with a filter. A filter between the vac. tank and the fuel tank works better because it is on the suction side.
  6. Tony: Nothing came through. Try again and I can send you a picture. That is the only piece of floor board trim I have. Thanks Jan canspam-modelt1916@yahoo.com
  7. Bob: You have to reinstall the spokes by making them look like a teepee and then forcing them into the holes. I do it several ways. The easiest is to put a styrofoam cup in the middle ant arrainge the spokes with the tennons fitting in the hole and the center setting on the cup. You need to then use a bottle jack or bumper jack or long threaded rod to push the spokes in all at one time. The easist way is to lay all this on a 5/8 sheet of plywood that you have drilled a hole in. put the cup over the hole and run a long threaded rod through the hole and put a large nut on the bottem with a washer. on the top end of the rod put a piece of flat steel with a hole drilled in it and on top of that put a large nut. When you tighten the nut it acts a a clamp and will slowly force the spokes in. Do a search on this forum as I posted pictures last year on how to do it. Have a nice day. Jan Arnett
  8. Tony: I have left my old company and did not get my address changed. I have the floor part you need. Send me a PM. Thanks Jan
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