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  1. If you have a dialo indicator this will solve your problem and they are very easy to use. Jan
  2. John: I cannot down load your picture but i will trust your good judgement. I sent you a PM Thanks Jan
  3. Bob: Post your question in the Dodge Forum for trucks. Jan
  4. Art: Before you tear the box down make sure the wheels are properly toed in and the camber is set correctly. Jan
  5. remember that a clutch is not a transmission or is it attached to the transmission. Even if you have to change the clutch plates you will not be touching the transmission. The clutch attaches to the fly wheel. It just got simplier for you. Jan
  6. I doubt if a transmission shop can do it any better then you can. Unless the transmission guy is older then god he doesn't know any more then you do. Jan
  7. There are two shafts that come out of the drivers side of the transmission. One shaft goes all the way through the transmission and has the throw out bearing on it. The brake pedale mounts on this shaft. There is a short shaft below this shaft and the clutch pedal mounts on it and then has an arm that goes up to the other shaft. It is the short shaft that I am looking for. It should be about 3-4 inches long. I removed the clutch pedal, shaft and linkage to sand blast and paint and it washed away in the flood. I found the clutch pedal but the shaft is missing. I know that 1919-23 are the same. Thanks Jan
  8. I have never seen on that the rod goes through the saddle. I still have some parts that were washed away in the flood that I have to dig and clean up and there may be some saddles in there.
  9. I am still in need of the short shaft that the clutch pedal mounts on for a 1923 Dodge. Mine was lost in the great flood this summer. Thanks Jan
  10. Here are some I have. Do any of them look like what you need? Jan
  11. I would disagree with your direction to spin the valve with a suction cup in a drill. You do not want to spin a valve in a constant circular direction. You want to rotate the valves back in forth. I start with coarse grinding compound and use three different grades. Use a valve seating/grinding tool which will rotate the valves back and forth. You can also use the suction cup type and spin it back and forth in your hand but it is a lot of work. Your method will only work if the valves and seat are new and perfectly ground. Jan
  12. I use a rim spreader which allows you to expand the rim and lock in the end. Put a little air in the tube so you do not pinch the tube. Mount it on you wheel and then inflate. Jan
  13. I cannot tell you who made it but you are correct it is a camp kitchen. I have been in Scouts for 55 years and gone through many of these. Some were commercial and some were home made. It would be a great conversation piece and ideal for someone who does vintage camping. I believe a similar unit was at the Model T meet in Ind. this summer. Jan
  14. If it is electrical check your condensor, points and cap. Jan
  15. Gus: Send me the picture of what you are looking for. I am still cleaning mud off my parts but may have what you need. I do have to extra saddles. Jan.Arnett remove this @keysol.com I sure you can figure this out.
  16. If you leave the distributor in place, don't turn over the engine and mark the location of the shaft and drive gear you will not have to retime it. Jan
  17. If you have a diaphram pump it will draw thru the pump but not if it is rotary. If you want to put a pump in then you also need to install a push button switch that is normall open and you close the circuit and hold it when you want to run the pump. I used to do this on engines that required a priming circuit. With all that said I do not believe in installing accessory electric fuel pumps as they can overwhelm the rest of the system and cause leakages. Jan
  18. remove the pump and the drive unit as one unit then disassemble. Jan
  19. I used counter top edgeing from lowes and it is a direct match on my 23. Jan
  20. You can also rumove the tumbler pins and it will work with any key. Jan
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