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  1. Posted to the FB speedster group.
  2. What ever the speed if a rotisserie motor is.
  3. John try EGGE for your piston bolts (con rod bolts), ebay for rings. I modified a 1940 Chevrolet distributor by changing the drive gear and cut down the shaft to fit my Moon which has a continential 6/40 engine. You have a rare one. I see you found the Continential section of the forum.
  4. I agree with these gentleman in that it will not depreciate. You could always over pay but I think right now the price is not unreasonable. If you are comfortable with a high wheeler go for it
  5. I don't if you have restored a car before but I will offer two rules. Take many pictures from many angles and catalog them as you go. Second rules is never throw anything away you will always need it later. Have you joined the Buick Club?
  6. That is not a tool box it is an air brake. At least you don't have to worry about replacing the wipers.
  7. post in parts wanted . Whats it off of?
  8. Add a little ATF to the mixture and pull the pan to make sure the piston is not at the bottom of the stroke. Bought an engine once that the guy said was stuck and it turned out the piston was at the bottom of the stroke and he beat the hell out of it.
  9. In my area I have seen painters advertise on craigslist for side jobs.
  10. When I used to take apart Ford flatheads we used to have heads stuck on we would get some thin wall tubing where the inside diameter fit over the stud and cut teeth into the end. We the chucked it in the drill and ran it down the stud cutting it loose.
  11. You engine is not locked up which is nicer to hear. I would pull the plugs and dump some transmission fluid in the cyc. and let it set for a week. I am sure it will free up then it is easier to sell.
  12. You have a much earlier motor from the twenties. You should post in the Dodge section of this forum and they can give you the proper years.
  13. I don't think you have a fuel problem. When the engine dies you say it has fuel in the bowl, a fuel problem would not have a fuel bowl full. Have you checked for spark when it dies. A condenser can be problematic. Have you checked the gaskets between carb and intake and the vac line between intake and vacuum tank. You really got me grasping AT IDEAS..
  14. I think you need to go back to the way the car was built and that is remove the fuel filter, remove the plastic gas tank, remove the fuel pump. The vent should not have fuel coming out of it which sounds like the electric pump pushing fuel after being shut off. It sounds like you are only running a carb bowl of fuel at a time and your carb float may not be set at the right height or the needle valve may be sticking.
  15. I know what you mean about tools. Sometimes I have to ask my self what a tool is for and then when I need it I can't find it. I also have to ask if the tool is for a car or jet engine.
  16. Have you looked in the Durant Club for help.
  17. Here is a facebook group dedicated to station wagons. https://www.facebook.com/groups/120063121347567/
  18. Here is a Cantrell ad which is similar to your depot hack. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1926-Z-AD-CANTRELL-CO-SUBURBAN-BODY-ON-DODGE-CHASSIS-WOOD/352650021835?hash=item521b944bcb:g:5zkAAOSwzt5bZzXZ&frcectupt=true
  19. Did you post in parts wanted. You should include pictures and what car and model it fits. Both my Star and Moon have the style of housing you are looking for.
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