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  1. Don't consider changing engines until you know what you have.  If you decide you have to change out engines, drive the car with what engine you have and find out if there are other issues.  You may find that you like the car as it is.  Almost any engine can be rebuilt but some don't need to be.  Finding a good mechanic may be the hard part unless you are willing to take it on with help from this group.Nice car.

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  2. On 2/11/2021 at 1:14 PM, lump said:

    One of my favorite things about meetings and tours of the Southern Ohio Chapter of the AACA as a kid in the 1960's was riding in Robert "Skip" Ison's Chevrolet fire truck. I rode in it, climbed all over it, rang the bell, cranked the siren, and generally had a ball. GREAT fun memories in an antique fire truck! 


    I'm at work now, but I'll add to this story later...

    Skippys fire trk Jimmy at wheel.jpg

    Did you know Dick Schroder who also had a fire truck in the Southern Ohio Chapter.  A lot of fun but slow.

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