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  1. It looks like you have tried all the suggested ways so lets try out of the box.  I don't know who is handling the bankruptcy.  They may be able to tell you if there are suppliers who supplied this material.  You may have to search for the suppliers but you may find one.  You may be able to find out when their material is being liquidated.  

  2. 11 minutes ago, TerryB said:

    No, not correct.  Facebook and other similar social media platforms are available on computers, tablets and phones.  You can choose how you wish to receive information updates and how often you want to check on the status of something or someone.  Phones and tablets allow for communication when you are not home or work sitting in front of a computer screen.

    I get on facebook using a desk top unit or a laptop.  My grandkid sitting next to me uses his smart phone.  I have a flip phone and not a smart phone.  When you get on the world wide web it doesn't matter what device you use.  The web doesn't know the device or care.

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  3. From what I remember from working on one it looks all there,  The brass has been recently polished or lacquered.   It is sitting in a trailer so I bet it runs.  It is a nice car and should be on a tour.  Nobody gets hurt at $22,000.  Nice car he has.

  4. When I got my 1923 Moon touring car the bows were busted and full of powder post beetles.   My problem was how to find the correct radius of the bows and determine the end length.  I was in the process of making hoops to hold bird netting for my tomato and I was using 1/2 inch PVC for hoops.  I used a heat gun to make the radius in the hoops and transferred that approach to making bows.  I made up four bows out of PVC to simulate the bows using a heat gun to bend the radius.  I then used these to simulate my top bows.  I could adjust the bow length by cutting the PVC.  It only took several cuts to get the dimensions I needed.  Total cost $12 and I didn't have to touch the real bows until I got it right.

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  5. Sorry guys I did not mean to hijack the thread nor did I mean to violates any rules as outlined by our moderator below.

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    I have always thought that the purpose of the forum was to inform.  I always try to read the comments and reply and add something to the thread.  Maybe I missed the section in Peters rules about treating the commercial section differently.  Restorer32 offers a valuable service for those who need a complete set of bows and can afford it, I just wanted to offer a different direction or methodology.  I will post in the technical section how I did it and my end results and leave it up to Peter if he thinks we need to change the rules as this section has a little bit of ever thing includingIMG_4484.JPG.11c3ab1b3c014e71e03a991ab56c5702.JPG real estate.