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  1. I agree with what has been said but would put it in  a different vein,  If I had never worked on a house and I walked down the street and someone posted a for sale sign on a house next to a condemned sign would I buy it.  No.  It would be a bad investment and a money pit.  Unless you have done it before trying to flip any thing with no experience is a recipe for disaster.  If you are buying it to learn, drive and have fun then go for it as has been said it we cost you a lot more then $1000.

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  2. I have cut offs in all my car and I put fuse blocks in also.  Since I rewire all my cars it is easy to install fuse blocks and fuse the important circuits.  I used to get them from Radio Shack but the last one I had to but on line.  I also put in fuel shut offs for leaking carbs.