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  1. Took out my '24 today and after 30 min of driving the engine started revving high.I backed off the throttle and gas pedal, but nothing...drove into a parking lot and after a few backfires shut off the engine. There is only one gas pedal return spring and assume that's the only spring...didn't see one at the throttle section of linkage. I may have a fatigued spring or some replacement that just doesn't do the job correctly. I wondered if anyone had the same problem and if they greased the linkage.....hate to attract dirt there, but is this something that's done?
  2. A photo of me and my '29 in 1982......the windwings were also great as a place to add a couple of rear view mirrors.
  3. Yes, Spinneyhill...mine does too...just wasn't sure of diameter or threads....I see a couple on eBay too, just not sure of applications that they'd work for.
  4. Thank you ply33! I just came across a site that I think you may have started for interchangeable parts and saw that Napa carries one.....I may have to order though. I saw a Hemmings article that said that only 6 types were made over the years...I was just concerned w/ thread size and diameter that fit into master cylinder.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a brake light switch for my '29 DA? I've checked Myers and Romar.....also, don't see anything similar at Autozone or O'reilly online.
  6. John, Who knows...people said my '29 wouldn't have had a mohair headliner, but that was the way my car was in '71 when I got it...I've put a new headliner in it and I put in mohair....what actually went in on the assembly line 90 years ago is anyone's guess,...that said, we do have good educated guesses w/ lot of knowledge and photos.
  7. John, I did use what I had from the original roof....I wonder if deluxe models w/ corner lamps would have made for a different setup?
  8. Thanks John...I thought the backside of that bumper clamp looked suspicious, but I had it in my DA file.
  9. Todd, wish I had my car here.....maybe in a week or two....right now these are the only photos I have on file that helped me w/ my car. This photo might help too.
  10. This is the style I have on my '29.
  11. This might be a slightly better photo...at lower left you can see latch...looks like lower than an inch and just above fender welt.
  12. Todd, Don't know if this photo helps. Looks like a couple of inches ahead of the cowl and an inch below top of frame rail. There should be a couple of small holes aligned horizontally that the latch bolts through.
  13. Top unscrews...rivit or screw holds bottom in place...bottom screws to body.
  14. Here are photos of one together and dissassembled. I don't have my car here to take closeups of location, but the front ones are on top of the hood sills and the rear ones attached to the sides...you can kinda see the chrome pulls in this engine shot for location.
  15. David, so Donna in Oregon made this type of tassel? If so, I may have to contact her....the people doing mine don't seem to get it.
  16. This is the style my car had. Trying to get these made has been a bear!
  17. Thanks Tom, I used the roller I had and the shades made to it.....right now at the upholsterer and was supposed to be fixed, I'll have to check to see if I still need a replacement or not.
  18. John, BTW, the flat top steel peremeter edges where the fabric wraps around did not fit into the "grooved" profile as I showed in section....it overlapped a bit...that recess just may have been for the sealant....anyway, I've had questions on that....just a head's up.
  19. John, The "side profile" is the perimeter of the roof insert. The individual cross bows I interpolated the curvature based on the curvature of the front and rear frame perimeter as there's not a whole lot of difference in height at the middle. Hope that helps. Good luck! Bob
  20. I know the photos are blurry, but wonder if anyone has shade brackets like this for my '29. I need 2 pair. Thanks!
  21. I haven't installed mine yet, but had a steel shelf made ( can't find drawing now) to mount on firewall. The back was as tall as the radio. The depth was as deep as the radio. I had gussets made for either side to help w/ strength. I also had the 3 sides of the "shelf" part bent upward about 1/4" to hold radio box in place if on a rough road. This was painted black. Mine is an aftermarket radio and I couldn't figure out how it was mounted and there were no fittings or backplate, so this was just my solution.
  22. Here's a photo another '29 DB owner had sent me
  23. John, mine has no wood at that location...that may be for wood if you had the deluxe model w/ the corner lights.
  24. Remnants of a firewall insulation pad on the inside that is somewhat visible through those hood lacing holes?
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