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  1. Harry, I don't know if they are fully hemispherical as they are somewhat flattened. Anyway, when I first took the wheels apart in '73 I threw the old carriage bolts out as they were heavily rusted....maybe I shouldn't have, but I was young and didn't know a lot about restoration. I bought new carriage bolts then that are rounded at the top, a square shank that fits into the square holes of the hub and threaded the rest of the length. Put a lock washer and nut on them within the hub.....these are the bolts I cleaned up for this recent restoration. I have seen these at good hardware stores and at Lowe's so aren't hard to find. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi, No, I did not turn it over with a battery. I took out the spark plugs and took off the belt and used the crank. She turns easily. I'll try a compression test. I do want to drop the oil pan and clean all old oil residue out before turning over w/ a battery....not sure of the wiring either. Anyway, I didn't remember rust in the manifold like this when I took it apart the first time......these are relatively large flakes of rust......I've gotten it all out and the manifold seems fine; no holes, but just want to figure out the problem. Thanks for the advice. If you have any other ideas please let me know. Thanks.
  3. Jan, just wanted to let you know your idea worked great. I arranged the spokes the best I could according to possible fit. Put the spokes up on the cup teepee style and pressed between 2 pieces of plate steel with the threaded rod, nuts and washers. When the spokes were down I used a rubber mallet on the upper back (flat where drum covers them)side of the spokes to make a tighter fit against the hub. The wheel looks great and finish is intact. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Hi, I have a 1929 Dodge DA6 that I rebuilt 30 years ago. At the time I had help from an experienced mechanic in rebuilding the engine. I had bought / made all new gaskets. The pistons were fine at the time and I got new rings for them. Rebuilt everything else. The car ran great at the time. The car has been sitting for 23 years w/ not much mileage since the first restoration and I am rerestoring it now. The crankshaft turns fine, but I have not fired the engine up until I get more components restored. I saw the spark plugs seemed fouled w/ carbon which seems like a ring issue. I have taken off the manifold and a bunch of rusty oily flakes have fallen out. When I run my finger inside the openings in the block again rusty oily flakes, but not as much as inside the manifold. I plan to take of the head and drop the oil pan and clean everything up. I am not a great mechanic, but love old cars. Can anyone tell me what this problem is and how I can alleviate it? I wonder if the engine is even okay. Any advice / information is appreciated.
  5. Jan, Thanks for the info. I think I understand your process. I did search through the forum for your photos and could not find any. I did find where you did use a bumper jack under stairs to press the spokes in at one time. I also found where someone said to mark the spokes from the valve stem and put them back in the same order, something I think I should have done. I also saw where many people don't take apart the wheels at all (if in good shape) and just scrape the spokes w/ glass and/or razor blades and then sand for the final finish. I am just starting to rerestore my car and had taken the wheels apart once before on the car back in '73 and it was no problem. I used a rubber mallet on the back of the spokes and tapped gently around in circles until they were flush w/ the hub. They drove great; no wobble.......I think I did forget the step of marking the spokes this time. Anyway, thanks for the info. P.S. Looking through all these posts I've seen a lot of info. I can use for my project!
  6. I have taken apart 2 wood wheels on my 1929 Dodge DA6 in order to restore them. I have cleaned and painted the felloe(?)rim and hub and have sanded and varnished the wooden spokes. I am trying to put the assembly back together.I have tried with no luck to get the spokes back in the felloe rim straight and with the holes in the spokes lined up w/ the holes in the hub. I hate to hammer too hard as I'm afraid I'll break / dent a wooden spoke not to mention damaging the finish I've put on everything. I hate to sand the sides of the spokes where they meet as I'm afraid I could have loose spokes in the wheel. Any tricks to this? Should the spokes be in some kind of order? Should I have taken them apart to repaint/varnish? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Thanks fo the info. I didn't know Whitepost did component restoration; thought they just did full restorations, so will give them a try. I know I got a kit 30 years ago for the car, can't remember from who; thought there might be someone out there who had a source for a kit.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know where I can find a master cylinder kit for a 1929 Dodge DA6? I have been looking and can find the kit for a 1930, but didn't know if I could use for a '29. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where I can find a master cylinder kit for a 1929 Dodge DA6? I have been looking and can find the kit for a 1930, but didn't know if I could use for a '29. Any help is much appreciated.
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