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  1. I think I may have a short.... or multiple shorts on my '29 DA. 3 people have worked on my wiring incl. myself, but main harness is from Rhode Island Wiring. I have a new battery and coil as of last year and starter was rebuilt in 2009, but I've only been driving car since 2018. Wiring is all new, I've checked most connections and fuses (plural as I've added a few accessories) are all okay. I do have a disconnect switch that I turn on everytime I get in car. First, dome light and switch worked before upholstery installed, but now only works when directly connected to battery. Since I got upholstery in, its never worked again....thought maybe the guy knocked the ground loose or put an upholstery nail through wire up windshield post. Second, 6 weeks ago lights and horn wouldn't work...you'd think something w/ CLUM switch, but an added spotlight w/ no connection to CLUM wouldn't work either....again, all fuses okay.....next day everything worked fine. Yesterday, lights and horn wouldn't work again....when I started the car, then everything went on....I started it again and all was fine.....cleaned her up a little and went to start for a drive and nothing. All lights and horn worked, but starter didn't make even a sound...tried again this a.m. and again, nothing on starter. Everything is new or rebuilt. I'm not sure if all this is related or separate. Hate to remove upholstery for dome light wiring unless I know it's the culprit, so thought I'd ask for any advice first. Thanks in advance!
  2. I've got some if it's a sedan. Also have a Pinterest board on '29 DA which has a lot of interior photos.
  3. Apparently, there were a number made in cast iron.....I had one in my parts box, but gave it to a fellow DB guy who helped me a lot on this board w/ my DA.
  4. I don't know if you've seen this link.....has a number of photos of installed insert without headliner and insert just by itself....also, maybe one of these guys could help if you don't see what you're looking for.
  5. Looks great!....and like so much fun on a nice spring day!
  6. Glad it worked out for you......sorry, I didn't get it to you sooner, but all my stuff is packed in boxes....luckily, when I looked, my notebook was in the top box!
  7. John, I redid my shocks in 2014 and did this drawing showing 8 1/2"L to the "curved pieces" in the front and 13"L to the "curved pieces" in the back. These dimensions came from when I redid them back in '75. I got the car in '71 and I assume the straps on it were original that I initially measured from. Also, it is a 4 door sedan......don't know if dimensions were different for different bodies / weights.
  8. You have to remove oil pan to get to oil pump...there is a screen filter on it. Here's a photo of other side of engine.
  9. Yes, here are linkages (another person's car). I do not know what is correct engine color for car vs. truck...supposedly when I first restored my car (back in '76) the engine color was a sort of light blue spruce green ..if that makes sense...when I redid my engine Romar had the exact color, so used that.
  10. What another owner did for their oil filter, but shows bracket mounting to water jacket plate
  11. The bracket mounts with the water jacket bolts......Is that what you needed?
  12. Speedo / dash cluster https://www.ebay.com/itm/1929-1930-DODGE-DA-COUPE-SEDAN-SPEEDOMETER-OIL-GASOLINE-GAUGE-CLUSTER-PANEL/402191119475?hash=item5da4757473:g:JuEAAOSwC4ZefkAs
  13. Headlights https://www.ebay.com/itm/1929-Dodge-DA-30DD-pr-vintage-headlights-Not-claimed-anyone-can-make-offer/324130930427?hash=item4b77b57efb:g:pxkAAOSw7MNej2g5
  14. So sorry to hear...I know he helped me on my cars as well as helping many others....know he will be missed by family, but also by so many others on this forum.
  15. The top photo looks like a spark plug wire seperator on a '29-'30 6 cyl Mopar product.
  16. Thank you all for the replies. While the Stomberg appears to be in good shape I don't know if can be working one minute while I drive and the next it be falling apart.....when I was a kid working on this car I didn't even know what pot metal was and so was blissfully ignorant.....maybe I need to be so again. Anyway, the carb, car and me are 50 years older....it sounds like the Carter may not be as easy a replacement as I thought.....maybe I need to start saving for the Myers, aluminum replacement. It looks as all the stuff on the "Vintage & Classic Reproduction" (through Myers) list has diminished somewhat for a '29 DA, so maybe an investment in the future to keep her running for me and future owners.
  17. I have my original (or at least since I've owned the car in '71) Stromberg U2 carb on my '29 DA. I've rebuilt it and all looks good regarding cracks in the pot metal..... the car runs well with it also. I've seen different posts where people say that the old pot metal carbs should be replaced with one poster stating they had (or heard of) a car destroyed due to a carb falling apart while driving....not trying to be dramatic, but I am only familiar w/ this particular pot metal carb and not sure of its metal characteristics. I am also thinking of the future when the car goes to someone else and perhaps when the pot metal finally goes will there be an alternative or repro carb to keep the car going. So, I'm thinking of a few options: 1) Keep the original on the car, but have a replacement backup. 2) Get a repro replacement...Myers carries one in aluminum.... very, very pricey, but would look original to car and be an easy fit. 3) Get a replacement that would work...I hear a Carter BB-1A is a replacement (can anyone verify?), but don't know if it will interchange well w/ linkage, etc. I guess I'm asking thoughts on this and what have others done when dealing w/ these old pot metal carbs (or other pieces like distributors, starter switch, etc.) on their cars. Thanks in advance!
  18. On my '29 any exposed metal is covered by carpet....that includes the front and back seat risers.
  19. The original floorboards on my '29 were pine (or fir) and narrow boards connected together w/ corrugated fasteners. I don't know that they were supposed to be pretty as the rear got covered in carpet and the front w/ rubber matting.
  20. Kinda looks like a cap for an aftermarker registration tube that mounts in the dash.....mine doesn't have a 'DB' on it, but vey much the same size as mine (brass cap in dash to left of gearshift knob)...not sure if yours is like that, but maybe a possibility.
  21. I do the same thing.....I know what it feels like to receive an incorrect part and hate for others to go through the same.
  22. Thanks for the tip, but I think I'll go ahead and fix the float. Yeah, I like these old Dodges...I know my '29 better as I've had it so long, but the '24 is a relatively new beast! Both fun to drive!
  23. I got mine at a local auto upholstery place...I also wanted it waterproof in case window rubber ever leaked.
  24. Sounds like the way I have to check my gas tank! I can try that...initially, I was thing like a dipstick of sorts, but then I thought something might be in the way and if not there are still no "markings" to show if I'm low or not. BTW, I searched the web for other '24 DB related things and saw another post in this forum regarding your "new" car...I think we got our cars about the same time...it was an informative post!
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