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  1. I have just had my 3rd and final wake up call about the nature of AACA. I think Im in the wrong sort of forum. So as they would say in southern Yokohama, Sayonara youall!!
  2. For those (small) devices which do need 12V, you might consider a pair of 6V gell cells. Hookem in series for the 12V you need. Then connect em in parallel and plug em into your 6V cigarette lighter socket for re charging when you need to. This way it wouldnt matter if you had a positive or negative ground system. Another big plus would be - youd be rid of any/all ignition noise too. Battery Wholesale Distributors has 6V gelcells for security systems. A pair of 4.5AH jobs should drive a GPS or TomTom a long distance ;-)
  3. Dave, Im not sure I understand why you would criticize what conservatives have to say?? They are trying to help YOU keep YOUR money in YOUR OWN pocket instead of giving it to the illegal aliens and welfare pukes as well as wasting it on pork projects like 'Bridges to Nowhere'.
  4. So you are claiming that LaHood didnt say those things as quoted??? I guess maybe we do deserve what we get!!!!
  5. To anyone thinking about buying Pontiac memorabilia on eBay stay away from this guy < djsamc3 > He has a bait and switch act that is tough to follow. Pictures one thing, sends another, then offers to fix the problem if you return the item and send more money. Charges more for ship than cost so besides the orig profit on the item, makes money twice off of shipping and the profit on the upgrade. His email is < Djsamc3@aol.com >
  6. Bruce, I dont have a Columbia axle anymore so I cant spin the thing. Im simply a nosy individual(obsessive/compulsive and anal-retentive)and 50 years after the fact would still like to know. ;-)
  7. Bruce, this isnt an answer to your oiling question but I cant figure out how to ask you except here: For years Ive been trying to find out what were the two different ratios for the Columbia axle? Ford wouldnt answer, an ebay seller of manuals refused to look for me and answer and the three guys in my home town who owned (Dick Padar built) cars with Columbias didnt know!! I suspect lube is done with the rear end lube since the 3 guys I referreed to never pulled their axles in all the time they drove the cars. And highschool guys drove em hard and furious in the fiftys. ;-)
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: joe_padavano</div><div class="ubbcode-body">And Obama has already said he does not support that idea. </div></div> So much for the 'death' of the mileage tax idea!! Read em and......... http://www.gopusa.com/theloft/?p=1002 An excerpt from the document:........ However, a "special commission" created by Congress is still pursuing the idea. And, of course, they are painting a dire situation in order to justify another government intrusion into our private lives. Its report Thursday warns that if government fails to find a new way to raise money, "we will suffer grim consequences in the future: unimaginable levels of congestion, reduced safety, costlier goods and services, an eroded quality of life, and diminished economic competitiveness as a nation." "We should look at the vehicular miles program where people are actually clocked on the number of miles that they traveled," LaHood said last week. .........unquote We are at the mercy of the 'inventive' geniuses inside the beltway around DC!!
  9. Appreciate the nbr Dick. That was another unknown. Ive seen much advice about staying away from F*** filters but wasnt sure what was on the GOOD guy list ;-) Have a NAPA dealer not too far. In the past he hasnt been too helpful with oldtimey parts lookup. Willing but doesnt seem to have catalogs/crossrefs that old. Are there any other reliable filter types if he's out?? Also Ive been using Castrol in my cars since Wolfshead went belly up some decades ago. Anybody recommend anything ewlse along the line of oil?? fred
  10. Thanks. It looks like the research will keep me busy for a while.
  11. These people have a very neat device for recording digitally -directly- from a record player if you want to put any/all of those LPS into either WMA or MP3 file types on your computer. http://web.mac.com/mobiblu/Site/MobiBLU.html Ive been using one for three years now and only charged the battery three times! Good for 153 hours. Stereo 1/8" jack for audio into it for recording; USB into the computer. Has FM radio and can record from that, record from mike (for meetings or college notes, etc). Listen with earphones. Can be had with different size memory for bookoo music files. Its a multi threat device for a great price.
  12. Internet explorer cannot display the web page for - www.bobistheguy.com ??? This thread was of particular interest to me, Im facing my very first oil/filter change in a 62 Olds 215. Parts stores have given me conflicting info on filters (nbrs/makes). Nothing that old for my car tried 1988 Rover 3.5L...... Filters listed have TWO differing thread designations. I was hoping the oil filter study or 'bob' might have some answers ;-)
  13. I wonder if much of the last 30 years could have been avoided if the unions hadnt been so greedy and driven the price of cars up so much to pay for all the benefits?? (Designs by the bean counters instead of engineers didnt help either) True things are not fixed by these easy simple answers but maybe if prices were more reasonable and designs more acceptable, more people would buy... ??
  14. Anyone wanting or needing to install an alternator to handle more accessories but wanting to retain the orig looks of a generator. Found this site on the Pontiac forum: http://www.powermastermotorsports.com/powergen.html They have put Alternator guts into housings that look and mount exactly like your generator. 75A out with 60A at idle. Oughta support a lot of accessories. Single wire hookup too. They also have higher outputs besides.
  15. What about some of us older f@rts that were born AT home??? Dad did have a brand spankin new 1930 Ford touring car sittin in the driveway tho.
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