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  1. Another comment on email problems. My DSL runs thru Verizon to Toad.net - my ISP. Aperiodically Verizon screws with my DSL service (trying to force me into subscribing to their FiOS). When I call toad and they chew on the V people about it thew problwm goes away for awhile. But always comes back!! And Ive had to switch to a secondary mailbox inorder to receive mail from a Yahoo Olds forum member, in Texas. My wife works at a bookstore and there is a Co that -sent- EMS directly to her. NOTHING WE CAN DO GETS THE MSGS INTO OUR INBOX!!We have Whitelisted the site every which way from sunday even
  2. Two questions about the restriction business in Va: Since Im pretty new to this antique car business, how do the experts on this forum feel about this kind of usage morally and or legally? I want to drive my 62 Olds Cutlass (which is registered and insured as Historic here in Md) to Tn: A) to show my son who has never seen the car. to take it to a friend there who is in the auto business and may be able to help me obtain some scarce parts. While I FIRST made the car -SAFE- to drive, Im hoping to get this convertible in good enuf shape to go to an Olds meet someday. I belong to the OCA and a l
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