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  1. 1 photo of the engine when I first bought the car
  2. Yes I am, Would like to meet up with like people. as I know nobody in Aus. Well, I do know Bill Sides,the Minerva man!! He has offered advise on the restoration of my Minerva. Kelvin
  3. Sure can see attached. I am in Christchurch NZ Are you Going to Bendigo this year?
  4. Hi All, My Krit is now fully restored and running like a top. Cheers Kelvin
  5. Hello, yes I do own this car, Has ID tag still on the car dated 1917, V12 is fourth generation Wiedley design being 450Cuin . If you wish to contact me directly please do so, Kelvin Finlay
  6. Hi Keith, I also own a Krit 1913 Roadster, should be up and going within 1 year. Do you have any technical info ,instruction books etc that you would copy /or sell to me? Thanks Kelvin Finlay
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