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  1. no, lots of calls from people telling us we are asking too much. Its a beautiful car, you won't be dissapointed. 480 892 4263
  2. Well congrats on your steal of the year... Kelly blue book says the car is wortb 5900 bucks. I thought it was worth more but apparently not at this point. Best offer above 5900.
  3. Uh, TMV on Edmunds.com says its worth 2200 bucks? I think I like KBB better. Matt
  4. Had several bids on it but never hit the 8000 reserve. Just showed it yesterday and have someone else coming today. KBB says its only worth 5900 so we are having a tough time so far. Matt
  5. Reduced to 7900. On ebay now if you would like to see pics. Thanks.
  6. Yeah, the car is perfect and everything is original and works great. I have seen them for sale for up to 14k...but probably not selling for that. It is sitting in a garage with a cover on it and hope it finds a home soon. Will probably try ebay next week, I just don't have much experience selling there. Thanks for the help.
  7. This car was listed in the club newsletter as "yellow". Just wanted to confirm with anybody looking that this is a white car with a white hardtop. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies. I guess it just isn't a car you can go on KBB and get a value for it and not sure where else to advertise it.
  9. Dropped price to 9000 obo. Would like to sell. Is this a fair price for this car? Thanks
  10. The interior is black. And we are located in Gilbert AZ. I have some pictures I would be glad to send you as I am not sure how to post them on here. Send me an email matt_shura@yahoo.com and I will send you the pictures I have. Thanks
  11. 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati. 42,000 original miles. White, with White hard top convertible with stand. Fully loaded with power leather seats, AM/FM/CD and Auto transmission. My Grandpa was the original owner and then was left to my Mom. This car is in perfect condition with all the club papers and service manuals included. 9,500. Please call 480 892 4263 for any other questions. Thanks!
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