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  1. So, I disconnected the Remote Control box and now everything is back to normal! I was planning on adding an aftermarket alarm anyways. I already added a secondary lock servo to the doors so now they lock and unlock like a brand new car! For the photocell issue I'm really dissapointed that there's only one way to fix that issue. I searched for the metal tool to remove thr dash pad and I couldn't find anything. Is there a link to a photo of this tool to make mine? Thanks!!
  2. Thanks so much. I don't have the FOB so I don't care about the controller, so I'm going to try to just disconnect it and see if that fixes it. Thanks so much for the info guys!!
  3. So, I bought a 1989 Reatta with 88,000 miles, its in super clean conditions. But one of the things I noticed when I bought it is that the trunk and door activate themselves intermittently as soon as you open the switch. First I tried to disconnect the back key switch since I know those get wet and start failing, so even when disconnected the trunk release kept popping every 5 seconds, so I plugged it back and then replaced the relay in the trunk. But it kept popping open every 5 seconds, noticed that when I remove the relay both the trunk and the door locks stop activating. I also removed the Fuse #2 (BODY) and it all stops, but of course also the interior lights, locks, etc stop working as well, but this is the only way to stop them from activating itself. I also removed the glove box and disconnected the trunk release switch to make sure it wasn't a faulty switch, but even with the switch disconnected the trunk keeps popping open. Notice that both the trunk and the driver's side unlock at the same time every 5 seconds when the switch is on. Could this be something related to the Parking switch or to the alarm? Or maybe this car had an FOB and for some reason it thinks the unlock and trunk release buttons are pressed?? I already did an exhaustive search on the forum and I can't find anybody with a similar issue. On top of that, I believe the photocell might be bas as well since the dash/console lights don't turn on, they do while the light show. BUT my dashboard is in fairly good shape and just barely trying to pop that dash cover started cracking it like crazy and I don't want to destroy it. I also tried the bent metal tools to pull the dash cover and the dash cover started cracking, so my question is, is there a way to bypass the photocell?? Is there a wire I can splice and connect directly so the lights are on when I push the lights button? Thanks for the help!!
  4. Guyver280Z

    5 SPD Reatta?

    So, you think the Getrag 284 would fit the Reatta's axles?? Or the 284 compatible axles would fit the Reatta's hubs? Im doing an electric conversion on my Reatta, so I don't care about the transmission fitting the engine, only care about the axles combo Ill need. Thanks so much!!!
  5. Guyver280Z

    5 SPD Reatta?

    Sick!! Here's one for cheap
  6. Hey guys. Anybody knows what manual transmission would use the same axles from the Reatta? I would imagine a manual car from a FWD GM car from the late 80s to early 90s right? It doesn't have to fit the engine since Im doing an electric conversion, but I want to be able to use the axles or at least know which axles/manual gearbox would work with the front hubs. I did a search and I could only find info using a more modern Pontiac G6 drivetrain, but it doesn't really answer my questions. Thanks
  7. Guyver280Z

    Why does a Reatta weigh so much?

    Well, the bumpers are way light, I think they are aluminum, so they really don't add that much weight. The doors are very heavy, that would be a good start, all the glass rails and regulator are made of thick steel, maybe an upgraded system from a different car could work, also making cutting some holes on the inside sheet metal part to save weight. The area behind the seats and the roof pillars are made of thick steel too, maybe cutting holes on areas too big, but you could compromise the structure and the entire car could fail on a bad crash. The hood is not really heavy and the fenders are plastic, but the engine is all steel right?? An upgraded drivetrain would save a lot of weight too, but that's a big mod. I think if you want more power try to lighten the car in a reasonable way (remove extra carpet layers, lighter seats) but increase the engine power.
  8. Guyver280Z

    Need a headliner? - Possible project

    Well.. yesterday I reupholstered my roof liner, I got this Gray Butter Suede ($20/yard) and it looks awesome... the only problem is that I used the 3M spray glue and it actually came across the suede so it left some dark spots And this morning I found out that half of the suede was already hanging I guess the existing foam on the roof liner didn't hold anymore.... Anyways, I think I'm going to try this again during the weekend, but now that I read this I think I'm going to give the whole liner a coat of fiberglass resin and maybe a couple mat patches on the mirrors. Thanks for the idea I think I'm also reupholstering the A pillar covers with the same Suede, it looks so nice inside the Reatta.
  9. Guyver280Z

    No Air Conditioning??

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Ronnie</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Could be a weak clutch coil but I would bet the air gap is too wide on the clutch and needs adjusted. You said it would work if pushed closer to the coil. The air gap should be .020 - .030. The same tool that removes the clutch can be used to press the clutch on a little further. You can rent the tool from Autozone. </div></div> Oh really??? Well, that makes sense.. yeah, the gap is huge, let me see if they have that tool at my autozone. Thanks buddy!!
  10. Guyver280Z

    No Air Conditioning??

    Not a good time to not have A/C qhen outside is 117 F My Vette's compressor is gone... and now the Reatta's compressor clutch pops off suddenly, Everytime I start the car I have to open the hood and poke the clutch in to make it go on again... but then while Im driving it suddenly disconects and it wont go on until I stop again and pop it back.... Any suggestions??? Check out the Pic...
  11. Guyver280Z

    FREE Silver Trunk Decklid.

    I have no clue... do you think its worth the shipping? I mean is it that hard to find one in Oregon?? Anyways, my bet is it will be quite expensive... maybe around $300 is my guess.
  12. Guyver280Z

    FREE Silver Trunk Decklid.

    Nobody?? Its free!!!
  13. Guyver280Z

    FREE Silver Trunk Decklid.

    I have a silver trunk decklid with the luggage rack for free. Comes with the power latch. No wiring. Perfect condition, good silver paint and red double pin stipre. Replaced mine with one without luggage rack. Free to whoever needs it. Im in Mesa/Tempe Arizona. email me at: Thanks
  14. Guyver280Z

    Supercharged engine swap?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Ronnie</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Try this website for more info. and here for HP parts. </div></div> BOW!!! Great links, very interesting site also. It kinda sucks they ended up dumping the CRT instead of finding a way to make it work... anyways, I bet there's ways to make it work... having two PCMs seems to be the way to do it. Again, thanks for the links!!!! Ok, so here is the deal.... Getting a Series II engine with its original tranny and its original ECU and wiring its easy and cheap, basically the only problem is to make the gauges work right??? Let's say I put the series II engine and make it work and drivebable.... Oil pressure and Temperature sensor can be addapted to the new engine to work with the older CRT, right? No big deal. Tach?? How hard is it to adapt the old tach sensor to the new engine?? Now MAF, O2, and other vital sensors will throw codes... but the new engine will be running on its new ECU so the codes wont affect the performance... Can I just fool the old CRT ECU to make it believe all those sensors are working correcly?? It doesnt sound that hard to do. I'd rather do all this work by myself... I like working on my cars but of course certain things like transmission issues I'll have somebody doing it for me.
  15. Guyver280Z

    1988 Reatta PPG Pace Car

    The headrests are installed backwards....