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  1. Thank you, Jon, for your repley to my message concerning the carburetor on my 1909 Buick. You suggested that I check for a vacuum leak, and about all I can find is that the throttle shaft bushings are worn and a little loose. Do you know if there is any type of rebuild kit available or just bushings for this carb that I can purchase to tighten up this problem. If not, do you know of any technical data available for machining new bushings? There is a vacuum hole in the flange of the Carter carb and the gasket also has a hole, but the intake manifold does not have any allowance for vacuum to t
  2. I am a little new to this forum, but will try my best. I did send a message a while back regarding my water pump and have since resolved the problem with help from one of your members. Now I am back with a new problem. My car has a Carter Model BB-1 carberator that seems to be giving me trouble. This carb is an updraft carb that has been adapter to fit the intake manifold. The engine does not want to idle down and continues to run much too fast when I want to shut it off. I have cleaned the carberator and adjusted the idle setting, but it did not seem to make much difference. I am think
  3. Correction!!!! I put the wrong name on my last post. It was for Pushrod for giving me the information regarding a repair shop for my '09 Buick water pump. Thanks again. Ken
  4. Thank you Tim for help in finding a repair shop for my water pump. I have sent an email to Tony and am waiting for his reply. It's great to have a whole world full of references when one gets in a bind. Ken Ganz
  5. I have just acquired a 1909 Model F two cylinder Buick and I need help finding a water pump or a reliable service shop that will do a good job of rebuilding the one I have. Can anyone out there help me out with my problem. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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