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  1. I would also be interested to know where the smaller pieces Go ("B" in the ad ) Says "fits on lower heal of fender well". Has anyone located them yet?
  2. Hi duk, 70 views and no answer huh . If you are still looking for removal instructions. I just happened to have done this before. (must be the only one) There is a set screw holding the bezel and lens on to the cluster . Remove it and the gauge face. The fuel gauge is bolted with 3 bolts to the printed circuit board behind it. I hope you haven't torn the dash apart trying to get to it from the back. let me know if you need any clarification, Lrg Larry
  3. So, The brackets in the picture. Are they the correct ones for a car with a fan shroud? And does anyone have the brackets for sale? including the upper one not shown. email Thanks lrg, Larry
  4. Hi Ed. yes I would like to add a shroud to a non a/c car. Do your lower brackets look like these?
  5. Hi I would like to buy upper and lower fan shroud brackets for 1963 Riviera Email Thanks Lrg larry
  6. Hi, I would like to know if the interior door panel mouldings (around the wood trim) (custom interior) can be removed without removing the panel from the door ? I would like to repaint the black stripe on them they are peeling Thank you LRG Larry
  7. wow!!!! That settles that . nice job with the pictures Jim that"s great!!!!!Thank you lrg larry
  8. I'm still confused. If the rubber hose in the pic goes to the metal pipe that runs to the barb near the bottom of the exhaust manifold. where does the tube covered with white insulation that's attached to the choke housing go? anyone else have any other pics that would answer that question Thanks lrg larry
  9. jim, is that rubber hose pass side rear top of carb going down to the exhaust manifold?
  10. Hi, Does anyone have a picture of the pass side of a restored or original engine compartment? I would like to see how the heat tube for the choke looks and how it attaches to the carb (what the fittings look like) thanks lrg Larry
  11. anyone know what parts of the 4door shaft i can use on the 2 door ? Thanks LRG larry
  12. Kevin rivgs, Thanks for the info it was spot on except for the riviera script. It used push clips similar to the clips holding the horse shoe moldings on except they are round. Everything came off with no damage. Does anyone know where I can buy any of the clips that hold any of these moldings on. It would be nice to replace the iffy ones Thanks all LRG Larry
  13. I'm not currently in possession of that manual right now
  14. How do you remove the riviera script mldg on front fender? and the stainless strip on the lower fender and quarter panel? I dont want to damage it Thank you LRG Larry
  15. want to buy 1962 lesabre 2 dr drive shaft Thanks Lrg larry
  16. Would the new owner of this tool or any owner of this tool consider a rental? Thanks LRG larry
  17. problem solved . bad connection at orange wire, engine compartment side of fire wall connector. Thanks to those that posted. larry lrg
  18. I'll do those checks and get back tomorrow, I did not know the park lights go off when the headlights go on so now I'm not sure if the work or not. Thank you for your input so far. Larry. LRG
  19. just the inboard lamps come on. the tail lights work. not sure about the turn signals. bulbs are ok. still, Larry Robert Golic LRG
  20. Hello, 1963 Riviera. Headlights, parking lights inop. press high beam switch and high beams work. where should I start? Any Thoughts? Thanks LRG
  21. Anyone have a sucess story with any of the named vendors? or others? I am looking to buy a system in the near future. Please give details and name names. thanks lrg
  22. Thanks Jim, I didn't want to mess with the screw if I didn't have to. Thanks, LRG
  23. Can anyone tell me what the set screw and jam nut are used for on the end of my 1963 riviera's rear window motor? Do they need to be removed if I dissasemble the motor? and how are they adjusted? Thanks, Larry
  24. Thanks for responding gungeey , the old Guy. Yea it sounds like a knock. It is the bolted together one. Is there a way to purge the air out of the pump to test that theory? if that doesn't do it I can remove it to check the spring or should I just rebuild or replace it. thanks lrg