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  1. Ford T, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Gardner, Essex,Studebaker,Olds, Graham, Maxwell etc.. About 50 manuals. All are nice originals. Sell as a collection $3000 ...possible trade on old csr, or farm tractor. 608-873-9521 afternoons
  2. 1923 Buick manual. Well preserved nice looking original book $60, shipping $3.50; Also a Marvel carburetor. Could be from a 1920's Buick. Looks good $95, shipping $14. Best to call afternoons 608-873-9521
  3. 1917 Oldsmobile owners manual. Mint real sharp original book. And, sales booklet for 1917 Oldsmobile also very nice. $75 and $35 keep the pair together. Shipping $4 insurance $2.30 Thanks, John
  4. 1934 Oldsmobile owners manual. Good original book (not a reprint). $50 US shipping $3 Call $608-873-9521 afternoons Thanks, John
  5. 1930 to 1939 Hudson parts manual. The big thick factory Hudson original book. $60 call afternoons 608-873-9521
  6. nice looking 1927 original Essex owners manual $60; 1928 Essex carburetor, looks nice as well $120; Essex thread-on hubcap a few nicks $45. Call afternoons 608-873-9521
  7. nice looking 1925 original Buick manual. $60 608-873-9521 afternoons
  8. factory steel 15" wheels off 1968 Buick. $25 each. Located Madison, Wi or shipping possible. 608-873-9521 afternoons
  9. teens or early 20's International truck steering wheel. I forget which model. Photo avaialble. This wheel is very nice. Also to sell a pair of thread-on type hubcaps for IH truck. Don't know which model, photo available. 608-873-9521 afternoons
  10. 1929 Pontiac 6-cylinder engine. I believe GMC trucks used this engine for a few years as well. Turns overs, i haven't ran it. Looks good $495. 608-873-9521 afternoons
  11. owners manual for 1925 Buick. Genuine Buick original book(not a reprint). Looks very nice $75. Call afternoons 608-873-9521
  12. to sell: 1929 Pontiac engine. I haven't ran it, in storage fro awhile. I don't have photos, take a look at it, then make your decision. Looks clean $495. Call afternoons 608-873-9521
  13. Tailgate very nice looking original condition. Fits 1954 to 1963 stepside bed. $230 Call afternoons 608-873-9521
  14. original owners manual for 1031 Chevrolet truck $75 call afternoons 1-6pm 608-873-9521
  15. these parts came off 1928 and 1929 Chevrolet cars. Rear spare tire carrier 7 light $125; 1928 owners manual, very nice original $45; 1929 owners manual very nice original $45; disc wheels, brake drums, front axle make decent offer; Carter carburetor $40. Call afternoons 608-873-9521
  16. nie looking original instruction book for Maxwell serial 476040 and up $75. 608-873-9521 afternoons
  17. pair of new never been used, never on a vehicle rear brake drums. Fit 1936to 1948 Chevy car and 1936-1950 pickup. $75 each
  18. 1921 & 1922 Cadillac owners manuals. Nice originals(not reprints) $60 each
  19. 1917 and up Ford model T owners manuals. Selling my collection. Buy one or all. All are originals(not reprints). $45 each
  20. NOS parts all mechanical, exception one 40's truck rear tail light. Brake drums, universal joints, gaskets, etc.. most parts look 1940's. Small pickup truck sized load. I don't have a list, or photos, they are packed away. Come look, see if you want them all as a lot for $950. Also to sell nice original Chevrolet owners manuals 1925,26,27,28,29,30,31,34 and a few other Chevrolet manuals. Would trade all for tractor.
  21. 1930-1939 Hudson parts manual. Good looking original book $60
  22. 1929 Pontiac engine. looks decent, haven't heard it run $500. Could also sell radiator & shell, owners manual.
  23. 1920's Pirece-Arrow clock. Made by Waltham $120
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