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  1. You need the adhesive black and gold Studebaker? If you need one try with the bill board guys, theyreproduce anthing big to small. i'm glad you still work on his fine car! i'm still woring on my recovery alter that nasty stroke! Not yet drving the 8 yet! Good luck! carine
  2. Nice DB! My father owned a 1924 touring wirth nearly the same history, he bought it in the UK. The car was delivered newin Ne Sealand, had a copper sign from the dealer on the dashboard. i sold it after he died, but still know the owner here in the Netherlands, I will check for photos for you, or scan old ones. The car was black at first, my father changed it in red and black. Btw the radiator shold be black and not chrome in that era! Is nice to see, but Dodge was not such a luxory car in that age . Will be back with more info for you. kind regards, carine
  3. What a job to do?! Good luck with the engine work! Happy motoring! Carine 1928 Studebaker Dictator Six GE-T touring 1929 Studebaker Commander Six GJ cabriolet convertible 1928 Studebaker FB President sedan 1948 Studebaker M5 Pick up half ton truck
  4. Hi Kaiser31! can you please give me more info on the blue Studebaker from the pictures above? It's clear this is an older Dutch registration. i hold the Studebaker European prewar Register and I missed this car! I really would like as much info on this car to keep my Register up to date! Anyone who knows pre war Studebakers to exist in Europe, please let me know, I often help owners from the same models to compare their info! Thank you and happy motoring! Carine
  5. Yep, he sells them! I bought a set some years ago and they look very nice to me, what I'm still looking for is the brown vover plate (bakalite?) for at least 4 of my cars, anyone knows? Any ideas please, I'm sure there are more people looking!:cool: Happy holidays to you all! Carine
  6. Hi Wayne! Congrats with your lovely sign! Was this guy a Studebaker freak of some sort?! Here a picture where your serial number plate should be mounted!
  7. Hi Wayne! Fine purchase you made! I hunted one down in 2009 on EBay in the US, but it was sold to some one else! They are quite rare I think! Here some of the pictures I kept from that (very) original car!
  8. Hi! Try this one for more information, they can ship your car as well and they are very serious in doing that! I use them because the company is trustworthy! They might help you to get more information! English spoken for sure! Welkom | SCL Rotterdam Good luck!
  9. Ray, thank you again for your support! I know my determination will finally get me back! Recovery is possible.........!! In my eyes, when you are a member from a Club, you have to be active in it to keep up the club alive, they also can hand you good info on yor car. In the Netherlands I am a member from the Pionier Automobiel Club, they only take pre war cars - 1940. Since my interest is wide in this range I feel myself in the right spot, when I took part in it before my stroke. Most of the members have several brands of cars, so there is always someone who helps you out! My late father own
  10. I just walked ouside on my husband's arm my second time today 23 minutes! In the morning 30 minutes in the sun!! So driving must be easy compared to all this! I still need my stick to walk alone, but with the confidence I wil finally learn to do without! Start Oxygen treatments 1st May, hope to do more after that! Thank you my friend, you know where I'm coming from! But life is not over after a stroke!:D Carine:)
  11. :cool:Thank you Ray for the compliment about my 'hare', I own it for about 35 years now and recently found on this site the previous English owner who was looking for it since 35 years! I told him he looked in the wrong countries! I am a member from the Alvis Owner Club since the date they exist, I made an exception for the AACA to be a member, I don't want to be a member everywhere! There are so many car clubs which are interesting to me, but as I pointed out before, my stroke keeps me from living the way I did before and driving my old cars, I hate it!!!!!! But although doctors told me I wou
  12. Hi Steve! Just to be well informed, I don't want to step on other people tows again about brass equiped cars calling them brass as many others do, how do you categorize pre war cars in the US? England has always been very strict about dating their pre war cars, why not? One of my friends (oldtimer?) has a Reo 1904 and he went through hell and back to get it in the London Brighton Run a few years ago, because the U.S. registration wasn't clear enough about the first registration of that car! 1 day makes a big difference! And quite some money too! I liked the car very much, I'm not a guy, but I'
  13. Steve, regarding to your question about trends in Europe, I can try to give you an answer to that! Although trends are very difficult to follow the last few years due to the economic crisis which hits nearly every trend! There is a shifting going on between the fities and the sixties now, I think because younger cars are more affordable then the fities where prices are quite high! Pre war cars is stil a very select group among us, but due to the hard and unappreciated work from pre war car clubs all over Europe, the young ones(!) are slowly turning over to pre war era as well. The twenties an
  14. Who is overseas? You are and I am!!!:cool: The market in Europe is a bit more calm then several years ago, but I see much interest from younger people in buying , what we name, brass era cars! This is a very good development in my eyes! All cars are interesting enough to be kept in good conditions! Quite some Dutch pre war car owners go to look for cars in the States! Off course Ebay is a melting pot of nice cars for sale and most of these transactions go very smooth with the help of reponsible shippers and a hand from the US owner ( thank you Mr. M.J.S. from Ph. AZ! I own 4 cars which are ov
  15. Hi Dale!! Still struggling about your colors?!! Her some pictures from our all original 1928FB, hope it helps you a bit on the way! Regards, Carine
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