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  1. I hope they fit with no problems the chrome looks great.
  2. About two weeks ago (300 mi.)I put a can of sea foam in my trans. because it was not shifting into second when at vary hard throttle. Instead of shifting it would go into like neutral, and at normal shifting it was a harder shift than normal. The trans has 163,000 mi. Last night I took it for a test drive (left it floored till it shifted) so I could report if there is any difference. What I'm reporting is that it is shifting in all ways like a brand new trans. Nice smooth shift at normal speed and a nice shift at 5,000 rpm shift not to soft not to hard. This stuff is like a Mechanic in a can.
  3. How about some pictures please for all of us to see.
  4. I stopped by a garage that had a sign that said something about programing computers. The guy said he could check the hole car out reprogram the temp fans and fuel air mixture for $80.00 per hr. plus any parts he finds wrong with it estimating 3hr. $240.00 plus you know he will find a part or two wrong with it, my car runs fine just the way it is.
  5. I think being able to post a question and getting useful help from people might have something to do with it. We have some great mechanics here and friendly people. Most of which will bend over backward to help each other.
  6. Ron just wanted to welcome you and say NICE CAR'S
  7. I put a screw in mine. It might not look the best but it will come off if it has to and it hasn't fell off yet.
  8. Have you checked for voltage after it shut off? There might be a antenna wire or something that shuts off after a while. Maybe its not connected to the right hot wire.
  9. On my 89 I cut off the rubber of the red and black protector just at where it connects at battery. I would think if it had a bad connection some where it wouldn't start at all but it sure is not hurting any thing making sure there clean. I would think if the battery wasn't charging right it would come on the computer moments after starting the car with out touching a thing. Sounds like the battery is not holding a charge.
  10. If you have a Auto zone or something like it near you they will check it for free. You could just drive the hole car there. Are you sure its not a history code?
  11. Autozone has one that is made in CA. USA. don't remember the brand, I just remember telling the guy I DON'T WANT JAPANES PARTS ON MY AMERICAN CAR! Making sure every one in the store could here me. He did end up finding me that one.
  12. I bought a new amp. two years ago for $15.00 at a upull out of a Chevy truck. The truck had easy access and the equalizer.
  13. Richard has me wondering if I should replace my 22yo. alternator with 160,000 mi. before it runes any electronics. I have had alternators rune batteries before but nothing else. Is there some kind of safty just for that?
  14. The same thing happened to me last summer, it turned out to be the fuel pump. Harbor fright has a fuel pressure gage for $10.00. I would assume a good mechanic would have checked fuel pump and ignition module, coil.
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