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  1. Looks to us like an older aging restoration via the standards of most likely the 80's. Underbody and frame just too nice and clean for this old lady. Also, have never seen a dash of the late forties or for that matter early 50's painted the same primary color as the body if the body color was white or yellow. It would be hard to see through the reflections off the dash / windshield therefore for safety sakes most likely not factory but I could be wrong as that has been known to happen. Someone has already taken the engine out and detailed it as well. Here are a few photos for posterity of
  2. If the 401 2 bbl was indeed lower compression, then just like Buick did for 1957/58 364, indeed it would stand to reason it would have a lower milder cam With less air, less fuel and lower compression there is no need to lengthen the duration of the cam lobe for increased intake. Change that formula with increased compression like a dual carb setup or a single four and then the longer cam can be used. But just slapping on a four barrel on a low compression short lobe cam would show really no benefit that would be practical especially in passing and/or stomping to WOT. Jon - Th
  3. ... just an option but I would not hesitate to install a 1000 cfm Thermoquad with adapter plate. You have the heads and cam already stock to handle the carb ...... Edit: Oh also install an HEI distributor and gap your plugs to around 40 and your good to go and if you did not keep your foot to the floor at least 75% (WOT) most of the time I would not only be surprised but shocked ! 😉
  4. .... D-452, I would start contacting 1st hand restoration shops out of Hemmings rather than general Buick parts suppliers and ask them where they source it from or if they would be open to being a conduit "middle man" for the product / part.
  5. Really fella's I think there is a way to save your " push accelerator to start " functions while adding an alternator : http://www.rowand.net/Shop/Tech/PushGasToStartWithAlternator.htm ....... Also a whole other take on even going the Generator to Alternator route: https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/convert-generator-to-alternator-on-56-buick.310615/
  6. ... Gee fellas how about this rig : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GMPPYYI/ref=psdc_15733961_t2_B003VZXY4K
  7. Hi Lance. So is the rear tail light bezel shroud cracked/dented/warped or just pitted ? And since you no doubt have had some chromed in the past what would you think it would cost to have the bezel chromed ? As for space there is always the ceiling and walls in the garage or house and the attic as well _ 😉
  8. So the Chicago Rawhide is rubber and not leather ? On my 57 I used the Best Gasket front seal and installed a hub cone over the old somewhat pitted outer surface of the balancer that the cover rides over. The old seal you are taking out if you look at your balancer hub may have a corroded track where it was in contact with the old seal of the balancer hub. If it is pitted and most times it is and usually is the cause of the leak you should purchase a hub sleeve kit. They can be purchased at Napa Auto Parts. Take your Mic or Calipers and get the outside O.D. as you will need that to purcha
  9. Well Jim take a moment and let's think about that ... Is your reasoning for wanting to install a disk brake system is to stop faster or is it for dependability ? We already answered the dependability issue and that leaves us the issue of installing a disk brake system because of the perception that disk brakes can stop a car in a shorter span than drums and that drums get to a heat sink point and begin to fade. That much is true however, the disk brake system in order to accomplish a quicker stopping distance must rely on combined suspension components system designed specifically for the in
  10. ... Jim, my opinion ... Just Install DOT 4 metal braided hoses on the fronts and the one going over the rear axle and your done that is given your factory MC is rebuilt, vacuum canister hoses new and your hard lines n shoes are new ... then your done. The original M.C. Treadle or Bendix vac is not going to implode like a rubber piston dual setup will eventually spontaneously do, that is why they have dual cylinders just because of that and they needed the proportioning valve as well. The only weak point the original factory setup had was the external hoses ... Save your money. Also insta
  11. John: My take is as you know, older tech suspension system wear accentuates or accumulates at various points which when individually viewed at their component level is very little to hardly none but when combined under torque stresses can actually shift the complete front suspension laterally upon hard braking. Truly a unique effect of old car charm engineering and back in the day was not really an issue cause no body had or knew any better. But we have become accustomed to today's smoother quieter technology in our modern cars and this once mundane acceptance of mechanical uniqueness now be
  12. The Sagnaw box on a 57 is completely different from that of the 56 in size, length and hose alignment. I believe they hook up differently at the rag joint and at the frame rail along with other dimensional differences. You may get it to work with a lot of " Arts n Crafts " time and toil but I would square off and hunt down a 56 unit and rebuild that. Way better route to take ....
  13. Lance is right. Funny you should ask. I just went to my Dupont jobber the other day as they have been in business since the fifties and my guy there pulled out their original archival Dupont Duco Lacquer and Dupont Dulux Enamel books with the factory mix tint ratios and numbers all as used back in the day. Dupont has color close approximation mix formulas to duplicate the Duco Lacquer colors and provide the appropriate paint/binder/tint formulas that render a very good starting point that however still needs to be tweaked a bit for an exact match. My jobber came up with the formulas after
  14. Jim ...:') - just go down to the dealer and order some WA-30. We thinks the bottles have blue liquid in them :
  15. Wow, thanks Al for the photo clarity and tech info. So it is for a straight eight then .... The 53 Buick Special came with a last year offering from Buick for the straight eight as all other models for 53 and onward now had the new nail head V8 mill from the factory.
  16. ... thanks guys. Your right Al that is most likely the story with the last digit. The boot itself however is actually very pliable and like new so is most likely if not factory than aftermarket boot from the 70's or 80's - perhaps. Anyways, bought the boot without a lot of thought or effort on my part. The ebay seller indicated that the box was to come with the boot but just the boot arrived. The box has the part number but the rubber seal has no I.D. or part number embossed upon it. Cost me $ 15 so no big deal ... did not do my usual due diligence and this is what happens. I know that th
  17. Great points ... what I have done for at least the last 15 years is when winterizing in the fall I have a couple 5 gallon cans of real gas (non alcohol) that I get from either the marina or local municipal airstrip and put my favorite cocktail of fuel enzymes and stabilizers mixed well into it. Then hook my external fuel extractor unit to the detached incoming steel or rubber line of the fuel pump to it. It sucks most if not all the fuel out of the tank. Then reinstall the line and fill the tank up with about 2 gallons then start the car up and let it idle for about 5 minutes. This flushes
  18. 91vert: We would recommend : 1) Using this source for the carb rebuild parts for a multiple of reasons : http://www.daytonaparts.com/kits.html 2) Ideally, either recondition and reuse your original leather accelerator push rod get your hands on a leather replacement accelerator plunger and not a -plastic one. 3) Get your hands on 5 gallons of real gas not ethanol gas to do your startup after rebuilding the carb to spec as ethanol has a way of changing the fuel volumetric's to that of real gas that the original carb was spec'ed for. Makes getting everythi
  19. Just picked up what was reported to be an NOS torque ball boot for the 57 Buick. Received it but there are no markings nor part numbers anywhere on the rubber. I seem to recall some years ago I had one with the box and it had numbers embossed on the side. Could this even be the right one or worse a NORS one ? I did not get the box with the sale as I thought I would ... Anyone ? Below is the sale photo:
  20. Here's a variety of 1957 heavy metal rides on this episode of Highway Patrol ... Buick, Dodge, Mercury, Ford and others ... pick out your favorite. It seems they all were equipped with posi traction and even when new these cars appear to have quite a bite and bark to the exhaust tone .... what with the 57 Police Special Buick having a possible beef'ed up 364 10:1 in it and this 57 Dodge with that tel-tale solid lifter 392 Hemi chatter. The 55 fords have their distinctive hollow Y-block sound and the Mercury is predictably throaty with what may be a 430 in it ?
  21. ... This is great and thanks for taking the time to post this which I think many perceive this whole process as daunting at best ...and with a video to boot ! Some of us here are challenged in just attempting to post a photo ... ; )
  22. Just a note, another culprit for mimicking this kind of cascaded movement can be in an incorrectly tension set outer wheel bearing or even a sudden internal fated failing wheel bearing while still rendering no noise when checked with a quick outer jerk or spin of the tire. If you cannot discern aberrant improper seated ball joint movement, then I would tear down that wheel's spindle components and remove, check and repack and make a point of properly torque seating of that outer wheel bearing once again. As this has happened to me and found it worked out even though I had worked on that whee
  23. Exactly lance ... guesstimate 1 full Saturday and possibly part of a Sunday ... put on stock hubcaps and do a number on the existing chrome bright work and it would look like a different car entirely. Looks like it sat and sat inside somewhere for a good stretch. That haze on the passenger's side is most likely the lacquer that has sweated and powdered. Cut and polish. Forgot to grab the price and the seller's phone or email.
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