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  1. I can get 20 $ for a correct screw driver 60$ for the bag and depending on the jack needed for your year up to about 80 $ the other A tools are worth a few bucks each
  2. Lets see a photo of the set up you have my 14 Maxwell has a magneto not a coil -does it have a battery? could be latter than 14
  3. Many of the earlier 2 cylinder Maxwell's are still touring in HCCA tours - the Detroit built Maxwell's don't have such a following I have a 1914 runabout and have been very lucky but persistent about hunting down the parts needed for it's resurrection , the info on the how to is almost up to you -no real work books like their are for my Ford model A .
  4. Hey !! good luck Howard this is great !!
  5. Yes i am figuring the same thing --just received my gasket set from Olson gaskets -totally wrong now have to send them back ,don't know if it was a mistake or they just don't have them... I will post my progress
  6. Has anyone besides me worked on a 1914 ish model 25 engine ? -finally got the 3 broken exhaust studs hei-coil on center and in place and ordered a gasket kit from Olson gasket ===Wow this L shaped head is a real bear to line up - so my question is how do I seal the water jacket on the side , my head gasket is copper ,so just some copper spray on that =but do I use TVR on the water jacket ? and do I tighten the side first or in unison with the top head bolts ? thank you John In New Jersey
  7. I saw the the car just silently roll back into the water- yep We were their set up just across from the car with antique Victorian era bicycles, and yes he did have a fire extinguisher under one wheel as well as a good size log under the other, and yes their was a report about the person reaching in moments before the car went over . The insurance guy was right their on the spot ( you know -all the big companies have booths at these shows). We were all shaken up .....
  8. so it sounds like your car runs - could it be the kill switch ? does it ground out when it is touched to the frame direct ?
  9. get their early !! by 9 am all the good stuff is gone ---- lots of pre war better than most local shows
  10. I was selling a vast array of stuff at a good flea/antique market- I had 2 books of stamps from all over the world from the 50's and early 60's 3 different young kids were the only ones looking at them and were eventually purchased byone of them a 12 year old girl, who really seemed excited by the find - go figure
  11. I drive the GWB cross Bronx everyday to work, Saturday am will be good before 8, after 2 pm its a whammy but no toll going back - safe trip !! by the way I have driven my model a ford tudor to work a few times going in is easy back is cut throat !!!
  12. I use a hand tire pump to top off the tires on my motorcycles, my model A ford and my 1914 Maxwell - the tires are small so 20 - 30 pumps do it --- until this was posted I did not give it a second thought really not a lot of work -I guess people were in better shape 100 years ago !!
  13. Thank you Howard will let you know when they arrive --Great guy !!