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  1. What's an apostorphe? Should it be apostrophe perhaps? Al
  2. Most people here seem to say Willy's, as belonging to Willy but I once read a statement from a nephew of John North Willys that claimed the family name was pronounced "Willis". Has anyone got an opinion ? Regards Al
  3. It has a truck look about it to me. Al
  4. Relying on my memory here but it looks similar to a '29 Hupmobile Century. However, many were similar in the late 20's - early 30's. Regards Al
  5. Agree with Craig. I don't think trucks ever used an IHC mag. The later truck posted by Fleek shows a Waukesha engine that had a Delco Remy distributor.
  6. I noticed that but wondered if it was from something else in the shop. I am having second thoughts though. I think the upper windshield is too square at the top for a '15 Buick. ??????? Al
  7. I think the car in the middle might be a 1915 Buick C25 Tourer. Al
  8. Hi Curti, The process is known as "cam ground" and there is plenty on the net about it. It is regarded as being desirable but probably refers more to aluminum pistons. Regards Al
  9. In New Zealand, these late T's were known as "new Beauties". I'd be interested to know if this was a local term or more widely used. Regards Al
  10. '39 Chevy tailights are pressed, not cast. Al
  11. Hi Larry, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all. A recent death in our family caused a road trip south and I am in the process of catching up now. I will pass your information on the the Krit owner and he can do some research. Regards and thanks Al
  12. I have found a listing on it in an old Automobile Engineering book. It says it is a single unit 12V system but that is about all. No wiring diagram. Al
  13. It sounds as if that is the exact unit, as shown in my pics back further here. I think it is going to need nutting out as information is scarce. Thanks for your help. Al
  14. Hi guys, Mark, the brand I am looking for a diagram on is Disco, not Delco. Thanks anyway. Larry, looking at the photo of the Disco unit, it has less connections and is a single unit, whereas the '15 system appears to be a two unit style. If that is all we can find, we may have to see if it offers any help. It is similar and it is not hard to believe it is made by the same company. Regards and thanks Al
  15. Thank you Larry. I notice the top diagram you posted is a "DISCO" brand. The owner told me it was "ISCO" but it is obvious to me now that the "D" forms the border and DISCO it is. Regards Al
  16. Hi Larry, Thanks for responding. The car is a model KR and the starter and generator are made as one assembly. The brand is ISCO and quite different to the North East product shown in your post above. Certainly different ! Regards Al
  17. Hi, Is there anyone who knows about these? I know someone working on one and he wonders what the three terminal posts are on the starter and four on the generator. None of my books cover KRIT or ISCO but I'd like to help him. Regards Al
  18. Looking for a nice clean one to replace the one on my car that has had a concrete graze. Left and right appear the same so can you help please? Regards Al New Zealand
  19. Probably from a truck or some commercial application. The solder plugs are designed to melt in a fire so that the diesel tank doesn't explode. Regards Al
  20. I've got a few 6V Optima's fitted and their performance amazes me. I've never had a charging problem either so as my lead-acid batteries fail, I'll be fitting more Optima's. Al
  21. Hi Phillip, An 1172cc engine belongs to a English Ford 10 but they are later than 1936. In 1936, there was a Ford 8 (Model Y) and it was 933cc. You obviously need to establish what it actually is so you might need to wait until you see it. Both are little flatheads but I don't think there was a coupe body style. More likely a small two-door sedan. Regards Al
  22. Hi, It is a hard plastic material and different to the sedan part. It stops at the lower window line. Regards Al
  23. Hi guys, I'm looking for a right interior center pillar plastic trim cover. Color is turquoise but not important. I believe this part is the same for other GM panoramics of '59/60 too. Best regards and thanks Al Brass Christchurch New Zealand <>