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  1. There are many ways of cutting hose or pipe but we were told at trade school to run a ring of masking tape around the pipe or hose and cut to that. Regards Al
  2. Hi nzcarnerd, I'm pretty sure the last Canadian sourced Pontys were sold here in 1965 and were pretty much a Chevy. Al
  3. Could be '28 or '29 Hupp, not sure about the staunchens. Chrysler used the same C M Hall lights in around '26 too. Al
  4. Volvo Corporation had interests in food, packaging, oil, hydraulics, aero, ag tractors, robotics and many others. I think all of these companies have been sold as Volvo concentrates on it's core products. Volvo Trucks carried the company through many financial crises and has remained pretty much profitable since it was founded in 1927. They are also growing the constuction equipment divison as this is seen as a growing sector and one Volvo has been involved with since it aquired another Swedish machinery and tractor maker, Bolinder Munktell (BM) in 1950. Al
  5. From what I can see, SU started manufacturing electric fuel pumps in 1926. Here is a link to some history. http://www.vintage-sportscar-touring.ca/pdf/suhistory.pdf Regards Al
  6. A couple of things require a comment here. Ford used Volvo engines in a couple of models but I don't recall Volvo ever using Ford engines. Volvo was by far, a much healthier company when Ford took over than Saab was when GM bought it. Volvo Corporation looked ahead and could not see a healthy future for what was a very small producer. An unpopular (in Sweden) decision was made to sell, firstly to Renault, which was vetoed by shareholders and several other interested parties (even GM). I believe Ford was chosen as the best option because they would be less inclined to interfere with the bra
  7. I owned a '62 (converted to RHD) in the mid 70's, shown here with my darling. Al
  8. Many different models of Trico wiper motors were sold as after-market accessories and it is likely this is one. Al
  9. There is a maroon one in Invercargill, owned by Jim Taylor and this may be the '14 you have pictured. Jim has owned it for many years. Al
  10. Have you ever tried it Bob? I have and it works just fine. The aircraft industry uses both aluminum and paint stripper extensively. Check it out. Regards Al
  11. A strong paint stripper works well inside to remove all the black gunk but clean the worst of it off first with solvent. It might be best to have it put in a cleaning bath at an engine reconditioner. Al
  12. Are we talking turn signals or tail lights? My '14 Hupmobile has two tail lights but I think that may have been an export thing so that there would be a tail light in the right place for whatever side of the road it was to be driven. Incidentally, the side and tail lights (Adlake/Hupmobile) on the car are dual kero and electric. Did any other make have that? One wonders how easily the bulb would be seen after the light had been burning on kerosene Al
  13. There was a Continental connection through to the UK too. Morris and Standard used Continental designs and the Ferguson tractor. I think all these were made in England but to Continental design and specification. Regards Al
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