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  1. Another auction treasure. NOS GM breather. Problem is the tab with the part # has been torn off the box. The top unscrews and it has a replaceable element. Does anybody know for sure what it fits? I've looked and looked and the only thing even related I have found is a replacement cartridge that appears similar listed for a '50s or '60s GMC truck.
  2. Went out and got a bunch of grease off the Bosch. It has a cast letter t and then stamped '4208'. Below that is stamped '6'.
  3. The only markings I have found on the Autolite is one place that says IG-177. I have not found any markings on the Bosch yet beyond made in, patent #.
  4. Can anybody ID these 4 cylinder distributors? I've spent hours looking online without much luck. I've have found nothing like the Bosch(left) and only a couple that were similar(but not a match) to the Autolite(right). Thanks for any help.
  5. I have some NOS parts for '50s thru '70s Chevy/GMC trucks I have 4 NOS wheel bearings which I believe are front inner bearings for 1954-59 Chevy GMC 1.5/2 ton trucks. They may also fit others. The # is 7450335. I would like $15 each and would prefer to sell pairs. Or I would sell all 4 for $40. I also have PN 3773149 CHEVROLET HOSE CLUTCH SLAVE CYL 60-66 TRK (C-NOTE) 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 $10 PN 3705288 shows as 1936-1952 Chevy Utility & 1 Ton Rear Wheel Cylinder Adjusting Pinion Kit $15 pr. NOS breather - I have not yet been able to ID this 100% as the part # tab is torn off. I did find a filter that appears the same as what goes in this and it was listed as being for a GMC truck('60s?) $10 If somebody would take all these parts, I would sell everything for $50