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  1. Hey Pat; Our original block is toast, they know where the crack is in the exhaust port they just can't get at it. I will keep you in mind for sure. I just picked up another Big Six last week in Kitchener Ontario.I have it apart and it is going out on Friday to the Hot Tank. I'm a little worried about the pitting inside the water galleries. Thanks for your offer, it is greatly appreciated. Alan
  2. Hello Everyone; I just received the news today about our Big Six. The block has a crack in the Exhaust Port. I will find out next week if they can fix the crack. I'll keep you updated. Alan
  3. Bryan; I'm very happy to hear your 25 Big Six Berline found a home. I'm rebuilding my Town's 1926 Big Six fire truck and having lots of fun. Take care Alan
  4. Thank you for the information. Alan
  5. Robert; I'm sure glad to hear from you!!! When I called about the Steering wheel it sounded like you just got out of the Hospital? I did not want to be a bother so I did not call back. The steering wheel looks in great shape!!! If you are interested in selling it I'm still in the market! Alan
  6. Thanks everyone for your assistance and information. The Block and Head went out today to be pressure tested. I'm being charged 400 dollars to do the testing on both the head and block and this includes building the plate they need to do the testing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an easy fix. People of my fire department are starting to talk about repowering the Stude. I told them come hell or high water that Big Six will live again. I'll let everyone know how things are going early next week. Thanks again Alan
  7. We are still rebuilding our 1926 Studebaker Big Six / Bickle fire truck here in Acton. I was told today that we may have a crack in either the head or the block near cylinder #2. Does anyone know of a Studebaker friendly Shop Near Toronto/ Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where I could take these parts to be pressure tested?? Failing that does anyone want to sell a Big Six motor?? Thanks in advance Alan
  8. I just bought a hose reel from a WWII tug boat which is almost perfect. I just have to add the brass handles. Thanks for everyones help!! Alan
  9. I'm rebuilding a 1926 Studebaker/ Bickle fire engine for my fire department. I have almost every original part except for a Captain's wheel style hose reel and the original Federal 6 volt siren. If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. alan
  10. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who helped me out finding an e-brake handle and steering wheel. Ken a special thanks to you for sending me the above mentioned items. The steering wheel is the best part of the story. Ken sent me the Studebaker metal center piece for the steering wheel. I ran into a friend of mine who I had not seen since high school. He is a paraplegic with minimal use of his arms due to a swimming accident. He was always a fighter and refused to give up. He is now a brilliant artist and master woodworker. He is going to commission a print of our Stude in front of a local landmark and rebuild the wood portion of the steering wheel. It is funny how things just seem to work out. Thanks again Alan
  11. Thank you for the information. Stay tuned I'll let everyone know if there are any parts on this car that can be saved. Cheers
  12. Hello; My name is Alan Scott and I am rebuilding a 1926 Studebaker BIG Six fire truck. I was telling a friend of mine how wonderful this chat group is and how easy it is to find things out about your vehicle. He tells me that he has a 1929 Essex 4 door sedan with suicide doors on his farm. The only problem is that there are trees growing through it in the back field. He remembers riding in the car when he was little. He was hoping that someone could email us a picture of what this car would look like minus the trees. Thanks in advance Alan Scott
  13. Ken; That is awesome!!! I'll send you another message to your email address. Thanks again. Alan