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  1. Nice dependable Healey. Chrome wires, Rack and pinion and modern coil-over front kit added, otherwise original as can be. Very solid clean presentable car. $42,000. A pleasure to drive here in Napa Ca.
  2. Point is--- Getting owners of old cars to participate in EVENTS is getting more difficult all the time. MANY CLUBS and EVENT Welcome arrivals at any time they show up. The WELCOME MAT is OUT-- PLEASE COME -- Bring your car-- Invite a person that MAY be on the fence about buying an old car and participating. Never-- EVER tell a club member that wants to participate "YOU ARE NOT INVITED"
  3. The Cadillac and Packard are the "easiest" to find, buy, drive and enjoy. Just be sure they are on the CCCA list of accepted cars. I have an original worn looking 41 Cadillac with the automatic transmission and is ALWAYS ready to go when I get in it. If I "step up" which I intend to do, I am looking for a 41 Sixty Series Fleetwood. I would then let my series 62 Cadillac go to a new caretaker. The CCCA accepted Packards are super cars as well and seems to be in similar price range as the Cadillac. I suppose that depending on who you know and where you are the selection could vary because of loc
  4. I play with a lot of cars-- Attend and judge many shows--- Belong to many old car groups.. Each one has a way of keeping track of members and letting them know when where and what they may want to participate in. Months ago, I THOUGHT I had signed up for the AACA Western tour-- OUT here we just don't have all the COOL EVENTS you have in the east. So our events are scarce and when they pop up, I would LIKE to participate if I can.. Heck I am an AACA member, contribute to the forums-- try to do my part to make the hobby enjoyable. I CLEARED my calendar so I could participate this year--- THOUGHT
  5. Anyone know where I can find a good exhaust control valve for my 341B? Front of the left manifold. Manual heat riser valve. Send me an email if you can help. Thanks! irace25@hotmail.com
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