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  1. Do any of you '58 experts know what the correct gasket arrangement is for the Carter AFB 4-barrel carb? Today I pulled off the manifold of my Roadmaster a clean, used, but not rebuilt AFB I installed back in 2014. This carb started, idled and ran well at speed, but of recent had developed a bad flat spot coming off idle. I decided to swap the carb for an identical, professionally rebuilt unit I 've had on the shelf since last year. The issue I confronted halfway through the swap has to do with gaskets. On the car (probably since I bought it) was a sandwich of the gasket shown below (note the c
  2. I can't count the number of parts I've tossed out only to regret it later. Keeping every original part is a good idea (now I know) because a later repro may be wrong!
  3. Thanks to all above who replied! I am not receiving the email notifications of replies to my post! I have to check and see why that is. I'll post some more replies tonight. While I'm here ... a question. I tested the windshield wipers (Cam-o-Matic) a few weeks back and they worked OK, somewhat. (Motor is good, a Ficken rebuild.) I was getting a sharp clicking noise on the drivers's side. I pulled the dash cover and tested again. Noise was coming from the aux transmission in front of the driver. At top speed the wipers worked smoothly, no noise. At lower speeds, this click occurred
  4. The car: 1958 Buick Roadmaster. Lots of electrical work over the past few years: new harness, generator, voltage reg., etc. Everything works as it should. Puzzle 1: the ammeter hovers just on the charge side of center when the car is running. This is OK. When I activate any of the four power window switches, the window reactors fast and the ammeter jumps way up on the charge side, virtually off scale. Why does running a window motor cause the ammeter to act that way? I would have expected a momentary jump towards the discharge side. Puzzle 2: The dash cigar lighter is h
  5. Seeing that the summer Buick meets are gone again, I'm posting some pics of my completed 58 Roadmaster. It starts, runs and drives smoothly and quietly. Partial list: new, correct interior, factory-style seatbelts, all options work, new tires, powder-coated wheels, rebuilt suspension, fresh steering parts, rebuilt generator, fuel pump, water pump, new hoses and belts, Carter 4-barrel, new voltage reg, fresh engine harness, rebuilt windshield wiper/washer motor and pump, rebuilt speedo, speakers front and rear with factory fader, and lots of rechroming. It's by no means a perfect ca
  6. Please email photos to me at highc.king@verizon.net. Thanks. Bill Shields, Virginia
  7. I need to remove the belt from the PS pump on my "new" 1966 New Yorker, which has the 440 cid and A/C. The shop manual talks about loosening two lower bolts to release belt tension. I found one easily enough but not the other - and the pump/bracket assembly seems pinned against the A/C bracket anyway. It can't be that hard to get the PS belt off. What am I missing? Bill Shields Vienna, VA
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