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  1. Well, I think I'll just keep the username I've been using. I just tried to change it and it says olsarge belongs to another user. I didn't mean to cause a lot of trouble. Thanks for trying. James Wright signing off (not Olsarge).
  2. That has to be the coolest tool box ever.
  3. Some of you have probably seen this but it's worth posting here. THE PERFECT CAR GUY HOUSE.
  4. GMC was developed so GM dealers other than Chevrolet would have a truck line. I believe that is the Indian "Pontiac". Good chance it was used on GMCs sold at Pontiac dealers. I would contact the General Motors Heritage Center, 6400 Center Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48312 (586) 932-5700
  5. This is probably not terribly old but I find it a little different. It's a socket set with allen wrench handles instead of a ratchet. Maybe someone can shed some light on it. It was given to me by a club member who can no longer work on cars.
  6. Well I never considered the car had an automatic transmission. Forget what suggested above.
  7. I'm not a mechanic. The real issue seems to be the starter won't turn the engine over. This is just a suggestion and I don't see any mention of it anywhere above. My stater in my '32 Chevy has been known to stick in the flywheel. Before you take anything apart put the car in 2nd gear, leave the key off. Rock the car back and forth. Many times this will free the starter. Try to start the car. If that doesn't work try to rock the car a couple of more times. If that doesn't work call a mechanic.
  8. Here's mine. It's a rental warehouse but it's my garage. It's 48' X 33' with11' ceiling clearance. It came with front end alignment lift shown in the first picture. I added a backyard buddy storage list. I can get 9 cars in there plus all my tools and drill press, etc. plus all our club property - traffic cones, tables, signs etc. It ain't pertty but it's home.
  9. I didn't even know Vice Grips came with instructions. I would have never thought of holding the reinforcement on a cracked fender with Vice Grips. Who knew?
  10. If someone can simply delete the Olsarge account then I'll simply go into the other account and change the username to Olsarge. Is that possible?
  11. Yes, those are both me. In the big scheme of things it really is no big deal. However, I would prefer to have just one account and if it's not too difficult I'd prefer it to me Olsarge. Thank you. Sorry for being a pain.
  12. Ok. I tried that. When I type in "Olsarge" it says there is already a member using that name.
  13. Thanks Mark. You just confirmed what other have said. At least I can have a more intelligent conversation when people ask. Couldn't you just jack the car up the jack and put jack stands under it?
  14. Hey Mike, I think our jacks are near identical. That means between the two of us we have a pair. If you ever come to South Florida bring yours and we'll jack something up. 😊
  15. You guys are good. Seems it could be either a "wagon jack" or an "axle jack". Upon closer inspection it says "Ashland Mfg. Co." on one side and "Ashland O." on the other. It also says "2TS". I assume that means 2 tons. Karl you're also right about the missing piece. Something like a pin needs to go in the hole to hold it between strokes. It only lifts one click at a time. It will keep its prominent place next to the fireplace which also never gets used.
  16. Thanks Karl. Here in South Florida where the temperature often plummets into the 50s in winter I think I'll just leave it in the den as a conversation piece. Any guess as to the age? I'm thinking 20s or 30s.
  17. Don't ask me to identify this, other than it's an old jack, or ask where it came from. My favorite daughter found it somewhere and knew I'd like it. If anyone can shed any light on it, go for it.
  18. According Coker's website 1971 was the first year for date coding tires with a three digit number. As stated above in 2000 it changed to a four digit number. So the tires I pulled off my car were manufactured either 43rd week of 1990 or 1980.
  19. Boy, TTR tell us how you really feel. I'm trying to decide if I'm an idiot or a moron. I've been called both, and worse, before.
  20. I had a chance to go to my warehouse today where my '32 is stored and check the date code. It reads 430. I have to assume that is the 43rd week of 2000 since the tires were on the car when I bought it in 2008. That means they were almost 20 years old when I pulled them off. BTW they're available to anyone who wants them locally for free. I won't ship them. They're not pretty but they are serviceable especially for someone who just needs tires to move a vehicle around during restoration, etc. 5 - 5.50X18.
  21. James Wright AND Olsarge I'd like to keep the Olsarge. Thank you.
  22. Lisa, I have been Editor of the Steering Wheel for just over two years. I feature a member's car on the cover of each edition. Although I think your idea is great I've found that most owners know what's interesting about their car: history, equipment, rare features, etc. I ask them to write an article for me with the understanding that I have editorial privilege. It's amazing how well they do. If they leave me short I then ask specific questions. I also Google their car and get more details if I need them. Keeping in mind copyrighted material.
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