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  1. Thank you for your effort. Finding used pumps has proved to be a little more difficult than I thought, but I will not be discouraged. I have found a vacuum pump from Volvo that operates in an eliptic fashion. This has just fueled my interest to solve these issues. I will probable pull my engine as soon as the weather warms up. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  2. Merry Christmas to all my new found friends In the Buick forums. And may you all have a great year. Scott, Florida
  3. I need a couple of worn out oil pumps that I can experiment on. I have some ideas on how to increase the vacuum pump life, I will be working on changes to the pump drive as well as the vanes. Please do not send any good working pumps the more warn they are the better. Please send me a pm if you have any that you are willing to part with. Thank you, Scott
  4. It is nice when someone answers your questions before you ask them. Thank you once again David. I did a little research of my own and came up with a company that sells vanes or vane material. While I am no were near my engine rebuild yet, it may prove of some use to someone else. http://www.vacair-superstore.com/vacuum-pump-vane.htm Scott
  5. We interrupt this blog to bring you some seldom seen pictures. You gentlemen have convinced me that she is much more rare than I thought, so I thought it was only right that I give you some pictures of the trans, as well as a question or two. The first image solves the mystery of the wide pedal. Second is the clutch cable pulley on the frame. Third and forth unique clutch linkage. forth and fifth the trans itself. Sixth is the blank plate were everyone else has P,N,D, and last is the pedal lever attachment for the clutch cable. I do need to give a special Thanks to Sean for loaning me the
  6. Wow looks fantastic, I love the look of the late fortys Buicks. Classy style inside and out.
  7. Well as far as the stainless goes I will give you a teaser (still in 2009) Here are a couple of pieces that are done except for the final polish, that will be done just prior to the installation. Ok no dents................most scratches out.....white polish................green polish...............Camera guy got in the way. The final polish will be with diamond paste. Every thing is polished and packaged except the eyebrows (one cracked, one bent.. saving for a tig welder) and the parts I am still looking for. I have seen the on E-bay just didn't like what I saw. I will get them Ok time t
  8. Rob, The wipers would have been a surprize. More, More is comming, I have to scan all of my pictures then reduce them. Scott
  9. NTX5467, I will need to bore our engine due to water damage, probably .020 to .030. Do you have any recomendations for a piston manufacturer as I doubt I will find oversized factory pistons. I am doing a full restoration however I will be taking certain libertys with the engine internals, such as balancing, bronze guides and stronger valves. I will be retaining the stock Carter 2bbl carborater, factory cam and single exaust. Thanks, Scott
  10. Well back to 2008, We decided that before we tore the whole car down we should check to see if we could get the engine running. It turned over by hand, a good sign. So after checking for any loose wires I hooked up a battery turned the key on, we have lights!!!! Then I pushed the button to start the car and nothing happened, so I pushed the button again..............Nothing. I then noticed my Father laughing his butt off. This is the button I was pushing. This is my first car from the 50's. He then explained that I needed to push the gas pedal to the floor. OK, why not. The engine cr
  11. John D, I did later find out that someone started to work on the car and apparently they could not find the correct pedal pad, so they added some metal to the pedal and used a pedal pad from an automatic. I have since restored the pedal to it's correct size. About 3 years ago I sent the correct pad to Steel Rubber witch they copyed and now carry for all of us standard guys. It is a true standard car that still needs alot of work. Scott
  12. Yes sir Mr Earl, Thats why i hi tailed it to the local U haul place to get a trailer. I was not prepaired to get a car that weekend, but I was not going to miss out. So we got a mud find instead of a barn find. Scott
  13. Well we finally have her in the garage (still 2008). The trip home was uneventful, So it's time to inventory the parts in the trunk and interior an see what we have. Great news we are only missing 4 pieces of trim and a jack, every thing else is present and accounted for. Time to pull the seats and carpet to check fo rust. Yep there is rust as well as a strange pedal configuration. Ok so we have holes in the front floor and tar patches in the back. We need a floor, at least all four corners of it. How about the trunk you may ask?? Yep we have rust in the trunk as well. The inner rocker
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