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  1. In our classic car collection we have a “Pabian” motorcar. We are now trying to reconstruct the car and the history of the particular motorcar. We have find on the internet the family history of the John Pabian Sr. What we have found on the history of the car: (not much) Pabian (US) c. 1903 Bob Pabian, Prague, Nebraska This was a small car with single-cylinder engine mounted under the seat, 2-speed gearbox and single-chain drive. Probably only one was made, which still exists. Dates 1897, its appearance is clearly that of a car several years younger, with frontal bonnet and equal-sized wheels. Written by Nick Georgano in “The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile” The cars of Nebraska by Curt McConnell (The horseless Carriage Gazette (Nov Dec 1987)) In 1897 Bob Pabian of Prague built “a one cylinder vehicle with a maximum speed of 15 mph and a thirst for a quart of oil every two miles.” According to one in a series of historical sketches Miller and Paine department stores ran during its centennial celebration in 1980. Is there somebody who has more information about this car. Some technical specs. Ronny Cnudde Historical Research Autocollectie Y. Mahy Belgium
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