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  1. I have a car club acquaintance who is looking to sell his 1934 Packard 12 Sport Phaeton. To be clear, it is a rebody but priced exceptionally well. Please contact me privately for pictures and details. Thanks.
  2. Cadillac Cadillac - eBay (item 230768416448 end time Apr-03-12 18:58:17 PDT)
  3. Trima, I will pass along the information. If you are involved with the organizing of that great event 1) Congratulations!!! I love that weekend and 2) could you PM me your contact info and I will pass it along. Many thanks! John
  4. Hi Al. I hope you are doing well...long time no chat. I agree...it is really a neat piece and we had a bunch of debate. We ended up doing the interior ('cause the white looked awful), went through fuel, suspension and brakes and she runs great now. Going to a new home outside of Philly and I think they plan on keeping it as is.
  5. That is correct. I have 'as found' pics when we just got it into the shop. Will post a couple shortly.
  6. Must be nicely restored (2-2+) and ACD certified category 1. Will need detailed pictures, full history including ownership and restoration files. No brokers, only owners (or owning dealers). Thanks. John@theconcours.org
  7. Very interesting original Cord Supercharged Phaeton that was converted in the early 1950's to 1951 Cadillac V-8 running gear. Ford juice brakes. Totally original sheet metal and paint with newer interior. Runs and drives great. Priced very fairly at $70,000. john@theconcours.org
  8. Hi Cozmo, it looks to be a nice original 270. I had a '66 (last year of the previous body style) and the interior is remarkably similar. I think throwing it out there at 5 grand is not at all unreasonable. Hopefully it will find another good home quickly. I bought mine for $100.00 in 1979 (before I even had my license) and drove it through college. My dad finally made me sell it cause it was such a rust bucket. I bought it with 100K on the odo, the odometer broke two years in at 133K and I drove it three more years so the thing was probably closing in on 175K when I sold it. Got $500.00
  9. J-241 Rebody Murphy disappearing top roadster ready for restoration J-375 Rebody supercharged (aftermarket) Durham Tourster J-408 Billing's Durham Tourster. First time available in 30+ years. J-134 Boat tail speedster supercharged (aftermarket) modeled after the EJ Walton car. J-XXX Murphy non-disappearing top, matching numbers authentic car. Original coachwork. J-XXX Murphy Convertible Sedan. One family ownership and all correct and original to new. Never restored. J-XXX Durham Tourster. All original numbers matching. Original coachwork. Very expensive/classic era trades desired. Same
  10. I am looking for an open Duesenberg that needs a resto. Body swap OK but no later rebodies. Thanks.
  11. Frame-off restoration. Trailer queen. Driven under 30 miles since completion. All details correct. Original hemi with original fluid drive transmission. Everything brand new or entirely rebuilt. Pics and details upon request. Asking for reasonable offer. None better! John@theconcours.org. 860-883-3998.
  12. Very nice driver. Ex chrome and trim. Nice correct interior. Original hemi engine. Asking $37,500. I will have time to take pictures this week. Thanks. John 860-883-3998
  13. Very nice restoration (frame-on). Original Hemi motor. I put it on Ebay. Here is the URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&sellerpreview=true&item=160337298212&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT Item number is: 160337298212 Asking $44K or best offer. Thanks. John 860-883-3998
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