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  1. I have a 1918 4 door sedan with wire wheels,My E-Mail address is Phone 732-244-2499.
  2. I have a 1918 4 door sedan with wire wheels,My E-Mail address is Phone 732-244-2499.
  3. I need a shunt resistor which is behind the fuse panel of a 1917 & 1918 and possibly other years of the Maxwell. This is for a 12 volt system. Does anyone have the info such as part numbers, number of windings, type and diameter of the wire used and or the wattage rating and the resistance? Any and all info will be appreciated. I have books showing all types of wirewound resistors that are still available but I need to know the wattage and resistance and then I will be able to share the address and part number for Maxwell owners to order new shunt resistors for there cars. I also need an ignition key or a pattern for an ignition key to build one for my car. All info and help will be appreciated. My email address is
  4. Wiring Diagram Info: 1918 Maxwell Engine Day B 9718. It is the Simms Huff 12-14 Volt Type M No. 264132 Starter Generator. Forgot to post this in the Wanted for a 1918 Maxwell wiring diagram post. Thanks, Ken
  5. Wanted for a 1918 Maxwell: I need the wiring diagram for the 4-Door Sedan if anyone could e-mail it to me. My email address is I could also use a copy of the owner/operators manuel for a 1918 and buffalo wire wheel hubcaps. Thanks, Ken
  6. Wanted for 1918 Maxwell rear springs, 2 front spring bolts and 4 Rear Spring shackel bolts. Need 2 brake drums and/or 1 good complete rear end. When replying please mark as Maxwell parts.