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  1. We did the fuel pump last year after the same problem and it took care of it.
  2. We just went to an auto body shop. They put some kind of camera on the body and were able to match the pain perfectly. We were not able to find an exact match for yellow to buy outright.
  3. We had to drop the gas tank too... the fuel pump sits toward the front and center of the tank. It's a pain, but not impossible.
  4. Last year I had exactly the same problem with my 89 TC. We tried several things too, but once we changed out the fuel pump the problem went away. Good luck to you!
  5. The radiator cooling fan doesn't always seem to come on. Is it okay to hot wire it to the ignition? Any other suggestions? :confused:
  6. Well! After playing with this & that, it indeed turned out to be the fuel pump. We put a new one in and it runs great. We need to go back & tweak some of the things that were played with, but I am on the road again! Thanks for all your help, suggestions, etc.... XOXO
  7. 89 Chrysler TC with turbo (no idea what size). it ran all day, but at 4 PM hubby came to pick me up at work, shut it off, and it takes a long time to turn over. when it does, it sounds like it's not running on all cyls, then dies. electrical hookups all seem to be fine. he swapped coils, no difference. he removed fuel feed & it sprayed gas all over, then wouldn't start at all after that. any ideas?
  8. car starts but runs at low idle only, which one is the fuel pump? it appears to have 2, and where is the fuel pump relay? may be something else
  10. it was the voltage regulator!
  11. What did we plug in? My car was cutting out this morning, losing power. Hubby found something unplugged on the driver's side fender wall, a triangular shaped plug with 2 pins in it, perhaps a voltage regulator. Is that what we plugged back in, and if so, should that solve the cutting out problem?
  12. oooo! an evil headlight.... what is it?
  13. Thank you all! You really r 2 kewl! (and topless really IS best!) hehe
  14. Thank you all! You really r 2 kewl! (and topless really IS best!) hehe
  15. Seems like purchasing one will be less expensive. How much trouble is replacement?
  16. Bought a 1989 TC yellow/beige at a used car lot, and I love it! We live in FL, so no issues with winter weather damage. Sometimes (not always) when it rains, we get water on the floor. Can be one side or the other or both, depending on the wind when it's raining. Sometimes it stays dry. Seems to be coming in at the bottom of the doors, almost like it is running down the inside front of the door and flowing in from the bottom sides. Thank heavens for wet vacs! Any idea what to do about it?
  17. 1989 Maserati, yellow, beige top and interior Anyone know if it would be cheaper to replace the cloth top, as opposed to having it restitched? I notice that most of the stitching has vanished! Comments?
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