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  1. It is, it's in St Petersburg FL. It's been a real learning experience for me, as my daughter and I have done most of the recent work on it ourselves (mechanics in training!).
  2. Well, I am ready to give it up, as much as I have loved her! Mine's a 1989 yellow/ginger that I bought about 10 years ago from a used car dealer without a hard top. My master mechanic, hubby, died 4 years ago and I have learned to work on her myself; I have the service manual from Rock Auto, NOT a Chilton's! I have replaced the starter, the alternator,and the fuel pump. The electrics are all going to shit (sorry!) The engine is complete but the head gasket blew for the second time in three years and the timing belt went with it this time. I bought a hard top at the junk yard but one of the Opera windows was smashed by some jerk before I got it . I also got a black hardtop, and the original tan top is still attached, and the window with hinges is still intact. We have,but have not replaced the antenna motor and the passenger door handle mechanism and associated parts. The power windows are not working, a bad wire in the harness. Electric seats and radio do not work; all are recent developments. A couple of years ago, the spare tire blew out in the rear hatch and blew out the wall, including a speaker. I would love to part this car out myself, but I am not mechanically apt to do it with my means. That's the worst of it! I have a small crack in the rear bumper and some scratch marks on the passenger side front, but the body is sound. She has been my baby for 10 years, and I have done my best to keep up with her. Over the last few years there have been some personal issues that have made it hard for me to keep up on her, but I have been doing my best. Pictures will be coming later this week. Towing/moving at YOUR cost. Thinking $750, email me at sue2kewl@yahoo.com Any more questions please contact me per email above.
  3. Well, you guys know much more about car repairs than I do, but here's my experience with overheating. About 3 years ago, my car overheated and died. My mechanic tore it apart and had the heads machined, and put it all back together for about $1600. It's been great until about a week ago, when it started running warm again and I had to keep adding water/antifreeze every time I drove. The oil has been fine. It was also blowing some white smoke on startup. The overheating scares me because I don't want to ruin the engine again. I bought Blue Devil Pour 'N Go Head Gasket repair and tried it out yesterday. It ran well and didn't overheat for the 50 minutes it took to circulate it, and it seems to be running fine now, except for the distributor ignition pickup, so I am replacing that and hope that the problems are over for a bit. If anyone has any ideas or pointers, I am always open to your expertise. ~ Sue
  4. Thanks Digger, mechanic analysis says the fuses are okay and the control switch itself is fairly uncorroded and intact. The guess at this point is a frayed wire somewhere along the harness, probably in the flex tubing between the door and the dash (which explains why it's been flaky in the past) and I will probably have to wiggle one wire at a time and hopefully find the break. If I can't locate it, I guess it's time to fix the AC and do a little Positive/Negative wire magic to put the windows up for now. Not looking forward to forking out the money for the AC, but with rainy season and extreme heat on the near horizon, at least it's an option. I will let you know how the saga turns out! ~ Sue PS - the AC must have a leak because it won't hold a charge, but also the vents on the center dash won't work, nothing blows out. They did briefly after I had the engine redone (overheating) a couple years ago, but they stopped again shortly after.
  5. Oh duh, nevermind, when in doubt, pull! I am going to run it by my mechanic on the way home today to see what he thinks. ~ Sue
  6. Thanks Bob, I tried another contact spray that didn't help, but I still need to get the mirror knob off. I won't really know until tomorrow when I get to take things apart, but I am all for fixing the problem with as little effort as possible. Is it possible it's a fuse? I will let you all know how I make out. Thanks! Sue
  7. Well, my 4-button control for windows finally quit working altogether, after being a little flaky for the last couple of years. How do I get the side mirror control button off, and what can I expect to find when I remove the window control? Is it repairable by replacing or cleaning contacts? I'd be interested in hearing some stories of experience with this. Sue Bell
  8. Piece of cake! My daughter and I did it at the junkyard in no time flat. Three bolts on each side, as the "pale male" stated. We put a little WD-40 on the bolts, and they come off with a socket. We didn't even have to tear into anything to get at them.
  9. Thanks Cowancom, will do! I have ordered the part via your NAPA link and I can have my mechanic do it for me. A few years ago the whole cluster of wires behind the switch burned up and fused together, and he replaced that for me. It's nice to know what's causing the problem, and it makes sense now. I appreciate the info!
  10. I bought my '89 TC from a used car dealer 7 or 8 years ago. I didn't have any idea what a Chrysler TC by Maserati was. It had no hard top and leaked like crazy, but I bought it anyway. I've learned a lot about my car since and have grown to enjoy it greatly. The soft top has become dry rotted and torn. I know I will never be able to restore it fully, but I am having fun fixing it up. The engine runs great, but has a vacuum leak that will be a pain to find, I am sure. I drive this car 8 miles one way to work and back 5 days a week since I bought it, and it's been reliable and cost effective, and certainly a conversation piece! Someone called me last week and said there was a yellow TC at my local junkyard at LQK pick-your-part in Clearwater, FL, and that it had a hard top. My daughter and I went right away and were able to grab the hard top for $100, although one of the little side windows has been shattered (see pix) and the headliner is deadly moldy. We sprayed it with bleach cleaner and it's tolerable until I can get it replaced. The car is yellow with black interior and soft top. My car interior and top are tan, but we went back a few days later for the soft top (for $100 also!) because it was folded down and looked barely used. I also grabbed the power antenna, the passenger wiper arm and the door latch from the passenger side. The first time we were there I should have grabbed the padded console cover. It was gone when we went back. Most of the black interior is intact, including seats and trunk lining, and the engine seems pretty much there (sorry, can't tell you what size, but I think they have a pic on their website - LKQ). Most of the accessories are gone - gauges, headlights, console, radio, etc. Maybe someone is local and needs parts. The junkyard is really quite a fun place!! I may be able to sell the glass window out of my ripped soft top if someone is interested. A few months ago, my headlights started coming on only randomly when I pull the light switch. The parking lights always come on, and the brake lights and turn signals seem to work ok. Lately the headlights only come on after the car has been driven 10 or 20 minutes, kinda like something is having to warm up before they pop on. The connectors at the headlights and under the dash seem intact. Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to what is going on? Also, various things don't work, and I assume it's due to wiring. The radio just fizzled out a couple of months ago, not a big loss. The passenger seat electrics have never worked, nor has the speedometer and odometer, or the trunk release. I am not sure whether the power antenna will work when I put it in. Mine used to, but it's stuck up now, and I haven't even listened for the motor. I was glad to see the post about the map lights, so I know where to look to get that working, perhaps. I am not sure I even want to get into wiring issues, but the headlights, at least, do have to work. I thought I saw someone post a wiring schematic in the last few years and I would love to have a copy of it, if it's available. I expect I will have my car for another year or two, and I would love to play with it a bit more. I will keep you posted on my progress. This is basic transportation for me, but kind of a hobby as well since my hubby passed away. I am always interested in learning more about the car. Thanks for all the help I've gotten from you guys! You are awesome!!
  11. Thanks Digger, and Bob, for advice. My mechanic says I should keep it for now. Wish I could do the work myself . He said the timing belt had jumped a tooth, and now it runs quite smoothly. However, it totally loses power after about 10 minutes of driving, may or may not start right up. After cooling for a couple of minutes, always starts back up. This happened before, and the fuel pump replacement took care of it. It almost feels like some sensor or something electrical is getting hot and shutting it down (not being a mechanic, it's my best guess). I watch the tach completely flip to zero and back up when it begins to stall out. If I can get this resolved, I will fix the AC and start looking for a new soft top (for now). Since I lost my mechanic husband a couple years ago (oh-oh, she is playing the "poor widow" card...), it's been difficult for me financially to pay someone else to do major work on my car. For now, it has to be basic transportation. However, I love the car and have trouble imagining driving something else. I appreciate all the help you folks can give me, and if it becomes necessary at some point for me to sell, I would surely take offers from other TC owners . I will keep you posted!
  12. I have a 1989 TC by Maserati, please forgive me for not knowing all the technical terms, but I can tell you about it and perhaps someone can tell me how much I should ask for it. It is yellow with tan interior. The woodgrain dash and door covers are good. The carpet and leather seats & console cover are quite worn. I bought the car about 6 years ago used; it had 100,006 miles on it then, odometer does not work. There was no hard top, and the soft top is quite dry, and now holey in spots, so the floor gets wet each time it rains. I have driven it to work DAILY since I got it, with few exceptions. Last fall the car overheated. I had the heads replaced, as well as new shocks and struts, and CV axles machined. If I were keeping it, I would have the idler mechanism cleaned out and put a new O2 sensor on it; it occasionally sputters a little. Fuel pump was replaced about 3-4 years ago. The AC and heat do not work. AC compressor kicks on. Air does circulate through all vents. Has some minor electrical issues. The body is good, no big dings, and I have a can of matching touch-up paint. Lots of little issues; passenger door won't open (fixed it once before but it's stuck again); passenger seat has no electric power; radio will randomly shut off; spare tire blew out IN the compartment and blew out one side of the wall and the lock, so this need repairing and there is currently no spare. The trunk is very dirty. I can't get the soft-top release button to release the pin. Tires are good. Right turn signal will not flash but stays on. I can take pics and supply them in a couple of days. If anyone can tell me what I might ask for it, I would appreciate it. I live in the Tampa FL area and may be selling this to use as a downpayment on a car for my daughter. I really like driving the car, but I don't think I want to put the money into a top and AC, and I don't want to go through another summer without AC. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!!
  13. I see a hardtop on eBay for $999. Is that about the going rate for a hard top? Sue
  14. Will a 1989 LeBaron convertible top fit my Maserati TC? ~ Sue Bell
  15. Okay guys, I have owned my 1989 TC for several years now, and the speedomoter and odometer have never worked. The key is to never drive faster then the car in front of you and check your GPS if you need the mileage. Fortunately, all the more important gauges work. I could see that my car was running very hot long before the head blew lol. All better now tho.......
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