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  1. many have asked that question .it seems no one wants to know untill there are only a hand full left then they will worry about how rare there car is and they should find the number before its to late, this is a rae car if only by the fact that so few were made and also were hand built as a luxury auto built to compete with the best of the american cars i:e cad allante Buick reatta , dont sell this little car shortit is a beautiful part of the american-italian auto world thanks mr Iacoca !!!
  2. no problem as soon as i get throu going to the doctor and it warms and quits raining will try all you have sugestee thanks again , Art
  3. thanks t c , i savy all but falling under that dash ,, but will do . i hope no more questions later but keep this line open ....
  4. well just when you think you know it all, something slaps you in the face , have searched back posts for info on our alarm system , my door locks work on- off -repeatably and a no start on the ign , would like to remove system completly , but what a mess of wires under the dash ,at my age i cant stay down under the dasn that long and forget what i was looking at when i get down again ,any ideas how to eliminate this system?thanks in advance
  5. jay jay tc call me iwould like to bid -buy the manuals to go with the tc you sold me ,they will go good with the garage eagle .you have my phone # Art
  6. sorry about the lapse of time between posts but the doc said just a small incision about here and we will suck that ol palop out, weell he mised it , i look like a butcherd hog but am healing well , the masi is sitting in wait for some crusing this fall ,new place to post looks fine .Art
  7. lou why not try a series vol 1 -2 etc we all would learn from them ...art
  8. david , sorry about your ride ,us burgandy guys hate to one bite the dust ,being a new member i hope you can get anouther and like me keep the keys in your pocket .Art
  9. like lou said the top is down most of thr time ,its just that some one down the line kept my top ,probably to make a buck ! used car dealers used to keep the spare out of all trade ins ,then sold them to some one else , must have been a used car dealer owned mine at some point ,o well i can live without one just a wild thought , thanks guys Art
  10. lou i understand all you said , my point was where have all the tops gone are they fish ponds or just hanging around , i only drive mine when its nice i have several other cars to fill in when its regular okie weather , i just put a new tan top on my burgandy and it looks great mostly its up when in the garage , but it still is a great combo ,.sorry if i stepped on any one toes . Art
  11. you guys are breaking my heart ... here i sit in oklahoma , wth out a hard top . a million miles from any one that has a top for sale and all are either to high priced when you add the freight and here comes a cheapie and still no way to ship to oklahoma ,and then to top it all you are discussing destroying a perfectly good top ,i know that all were sold with a top .will the culprit that has my top please return it to me ....Art
  12. this is the time for a lot of prayers , yours is well worth mentioning .Art
  13. rite on lou a very good answer and proper procedure
  14. lou ; i have been using vasoline , on most all of my plastic parts and also on any conv top rear window zippers ,so far[ many years ] so good .lithium is an excelent lube but will harden with age , look at the cap on your tube of it . Art
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