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  1. No, I'm not going to POCI in South Dakota, don't know what criteria they use to choose locations, must be a drag strip out in the middle of nowhere, I'd rather attend the Flathead Reunion in St. Michaels, MD in early September. All pre-1955 Pontiacs and Oaklands, friendly folks who dress in period style and fun non-competetive 40mph activities! See the Early Times Chapter website for details. Thanks. -Rick
  2. Anyone with a 1946 Pontiac got fog lights mounted on the front? I just bought one and have a nice set of Guide fogs I'd like to install but the grill doesn't have the mounting points behind it and I hate to drill holes through the splash apron behind the bumber to mount them. Thanks. -Rick
  3. Tom, Do you still have a place in S.C.? I'm now in Sylva, NC. Stop and see me if you are driving down from the north. -Rick
  4. I'm storeing spare parts for mine. Shipping would be the major cost, I'm in N.C. 28779. Let me know if you still have it 828-586-1467. Thanks. -Rick
  5. I get 12 MPG on the 48 S8 with automatic Tranny. Have not checked the 46 Standard yet. -Rick
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