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  1. This weekend my plastic Pontiac emblem fell off of my hood when I closed it (no I didn't slam the hood). It is still in good shape, however, the on or two of the tabs broke and were still in the chrome. What should I do to fix this emblem? What type of glue would be best to fix the tabs with? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I need help determining the amount of torque I need to use for a 1936 Oldsmobile engine. Believe it or not the torque specifications are not listed in the service manual and I don't have a more general manual such as Chilton as of this moment. If any one can help me out on the torque specs for the main caps, piston connecting rods, the cylinder head, and any other part that needs to be precision torqued down I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I confirmed what this is made for. It is for a 1939-1940 C.O.E. chevrolet truck. I put the item up on ebay since I can't use it now.
  4. I thought that too, but I can't find one picture of a truck from those years that even has a hood ornament. It might be an option that few people ordered though.
  5. I need help identifying a hood ornament. This ornament looks exactly like a 1939-1940 Chevrolet truck ornament; however, the mounting tabs are different on mine than on that model. The parts number on the back is 3650700. I would greatly appreciate any help.
  6. If anyone knows what this belongs to I would appreciate it. I believe it is to a 1939-1940 Chevrolet/GMC, but the mounting tabs are missing.
  7. I am looking for a lower clutch housing to '36 Olds six cylinder. Also needed: hood ornament, horns, horn relay and bracket, front motor mount. Thanks.
  8. After pulling the head of my engine I have decided to pull the engine and rebuild it. I have a favor to ask. Somewhere along the line this car lost its lower clutch housing. I'm going to Iola in July and I was hoping someone could do me a big favor and take a picture of the lower clutch housing to a 36 six cylinder for me if you have one available. I'm going to put this in the parts wanted section as well because obviously, it is a part that I need. Thank you to everyone, you have been very helpful.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have another question I hope someone can answer. How do I get a locking gas cap off when I don't have the key for it. I also need to get the ignition cylinder out since I don't have the key to it as well. I have a new cylinder and key, but I can't use it till the old one is removed. This is particularly frustrating as I have freed the engine and I'm hoping to get it to run. Thanks for the help. P.S. Isn't it amazing how people lose the keys to thier cars, even if they store them to preserve the car. Oh well. Also I have attached a picture of the car as well, an
  10. Thanks for the info. I have a 1952 Pontiac and 67 Lemans as well as this new Oldsmobile. I'm impressed with how dependable my Pontiacs are. My Lemans had 225,000 miles before it needed rebuild. Again, I appreciate the advice.
  11. I just joined the Olds Club because I purchased a '36 Olds business coupe. I have a few questions I hope ya'll can help me with. First one, should I look into putting an oil filter on this engine, or should I just settle for changing the oil more often. Second question, does anyone have a right tailight for sale? If so please let me know. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I try to get this car on the road.
  12. 23-ML-113221-ML-<br /><br />Jacob, moved it to the Olds Forums, where all of your questions can be answered. Wayne
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