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  1. I am a dealer in Knoxville, Tennessee who has traded for a TC. It appears to be in very good shape with low mileage and it drives well. I listed it on eBay today and in researching the TC, I came across this forum. I think you will find the asking price reasonable for what the vehicle is. I have pasted the description below. If there are any inaccuracies it is by accident and not by intent. Please contact me if I have made an errors in the description. Thanks, Mark Bledsoe mbledsoe@toyotaknoxville.com You are looking at the nicest Chrysler TC by Maserati to be found anywhere on the Internet. This beautiful, unique and rare car has been garaged-kept all of its life and has extremely low miles. The Chrysler TC by Maserati was a result of joint venture engineered by two giants of the automobile industry, Lee Iacocca of Chrysler and Alejandro de Tomaso of Maserati. These largely hand-built automobiles were conceived as a two-passenger luxury grand touring convertible. The luxury touches are immediately apparent. With only 7,300 examples during its three-year model run, good examples are becoming increasing difficult to find and ones in this kind of condition and low mileage are rarer yet. The engine runs very well. Chrysler 3 liter V6 provides plenty of power to cruise in the style that it was originally intended to do. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and easily. This car is easy to handle and is a pleasure to drive. The exterior of this TC is in good condition and it is apparent that it has been well kept. The front bumper has been dented were it has tapped into an object at low speed, however there is no damage to any sheet metal in the front (or anywhere else on the car for that matter). The paint is good and shiny, with the slight oxidation that you would expect of a white car of this age. There is a spider-web ding in the rear bumper cover where the fiberglass needs attention. Slip into the interior are you are immediately surrounded by beautiful Italian glove leather seemingly anywhere the eye lands, from the beautiful seats, to the dash trim, console cover and saddle bag storage in the rear deck area. There are slight age cracks in the leather, particularly on the console cover, but this simply adds to the provenance and reflects the wear patina expected of a car of this vintage. The Infinity sound system sounds very good to this day. All the interior components are functional, with the power seats, windows, door locks and cruise control all working properly. The convertible top raises without issue and folds under a built-in fiberglass tonneau cover. The hardtop removes easily for storage, although this is a two-person job. The tires are in good condition and have plenty of remaining tread. The special designed wheels sport the Maserati trident logo, as is found in various places throughout the vehicle. Now is the opportunity to acquire a true rare vehicle in American and Italian vehicle history. With the limited production numbers of these wonderful cars, there will never be a better time to enjoy a unique automobile. If you have ever considered entry in to the collector car hobby, this is a great chance to do so without the increasing higher entry fees. Please feel free to contact Mark Bledsoe at (865) 712-5190 with any additional questions.
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