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  1. Got the rad off today; it's clogged up along the bottom and right side. We managed to pull the rear freeze plug (which was a real b**** to get out!)and surprisingly, there wasn't much crud there. I'd heard stories of some people finding 3 lbs. of gunk in there. We shot some air and water from a garden hose through the chamber until it turned clear. Will put in a new 180 thermostat as well.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. It looks like I have a clogged rad, so will have to pull it and get it rodded out. Might try to pull a freeze plug or two and see what's lurking in there. Hopefully I won't need a new core as well.
  3. Gents: I have a '48 Buick Super w/248 straight 8, 3 speed manual. I have been having overheating problems lately, and was hoping to get some tips from you. After driving the car about 20 mins, the rad begins to overheat and send steam and coolant shooting out the overflow tube. The weather is not hot here...only about 35F-40F. I had the car out for about 90 mins. straight the week before, and it overheated when I pulled off the freeway. Last week it happened even faster...after about 20 mins. of highway driving. So, it seems to be getting worse. One obvious complication is that my temp gauge is not working(!). In any event, I'd like to know what to check next. I had a 4 lb rad cap on it; replaced it with a 7 lb. cap from Bob's the other day. (btw: do rad caps have a life expectancy?) I also have a new 180 thermostat from Bob's I'll be putting on asap. I can't see any leaks from the hoses or the rad itself. Installed a new water pump about a year ago. Engine has been recently tuned up. Coolant changed about a year ago...haven't driven the car much since then (been working on other things). I suspect the rad may be plugged...this car sat for years before I got in 2007. I am leery of taking it to a rad shop as a pressure test and kids that know little about working on old cars may make it even worse. Fan belt seems to be a little loose-could that alone account for overheating? If I press it with my thumb hard it goes in about an 1"; according to my shop manual it should only depress 1/2". Any other advice, esp. from those with straight 8's? Thanks a lot!
  4. Beautiful 1948 Buick 56s sedanet; rare car with sleek torpedo back styling. Original 248 straight 8 engine w/3 speed column shift. Maroon color. Excellent chrome, and the body is straight & solid. Engine runs well(recent tune up). Transmission rebuilt in late 2008. Interior recently done to original condition. WWW bias ply tires w/ Hollywood flipper hubcaps. New dual exhaust system w/steel-pack mufflers. Paint is good but there are some small chips & scratches that have been touched up. The car has been modestly lowered and turns heads everywhere. Reluctantly must sell. Serious buyers please email for more info. & pics. Car passed provincial inspection in 2008 and will qualify for collector plates. An easy 8-9 out of 10 for condition. Priced to sell at $22,000. Car is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver). Email: flattop64@hotmail.com