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  1. Rusty, thank you for all your advice, all very useful. I have not upgraded my 230 because I think the transmission of my 33 Dodge DP is not up to much more power, having broken a half shaft recently. I think I have an industrial 230, on the dynometer I get 87 bhp at 3800 revs and 185 ft lb torque at 1200 revs. Am soon going to drive the car across Europe to Syria; about 3000 miles. What max revs could I cruise at without causing too much wear do you think? With what torque should I tighten down the cylinder head? Many thanks, Robert
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend cold exhaust and inlet tappet settings for a Chrysler 230 engine of unknown age, but probably an industrial engine with 7:1 compression and standard cam. (engine number incomprehensible)? Can anyone recommend the maximum continuous revs that such an engine can be run at without too much wear?
  3. Could someone tell me what the correct cold tappet clearance for exhaust and inlet valves should be on a chrysler 230 engine with a standard cam? Robert Frankcom
  4. Thank you for all that most useful info. The engine was completely rebuilt 9000 miles ago, but I take your point about over doing it. If I do not use a modern looking Holly-Webber, which would be the best 'period' carb? The one that is currently fitted is a 1933 Stromberg with the main jet enlarged to 1.6 mm. There must be something better than that, a carb which would look reasonably in keeping with the rest of the car and one which would give more power. Actually the existing gearbox is OK, I renewed everything inside with a complete set of parts from North West Transmission. Its only problem is that it is difficult to shift it out of 1st gear! Any idea why that would be?
  5. Rusty, Thank you very much for all that info. I am not keen to take out the engine again yet to change the cam shaft, so I might just shave the head, or source a later head, and try the carb you suggested, and maybe mess about with the exhaust manifold. Engine has chain driven cam, and bags of oil pressure. I have fitted a separate overdrive which has passed the ultimate test, so a later 3 speed box would be OK. Would one from a Coronet be easier to source and would it actually be any better than my original? Robert
  6. Am looking for a 1926/27 Chrysler G70, preferably a phaeton, but could be any body, or no body, any condition,
  7. I am looking for a 1926/27 Chrysler G70, preferably a Phaeton, must be mechanically complete, body can be bad, but could be concourse or less. email or telephone 00441963210214
  8. I have a 1951 230 engine (out of I think a generator set or something) fitted to a 1933 Dodge DB, with a 1936 3 speed manual transmission. I would like to fit the following in order to get more power and better gear changing:- A. The head, carburetor, manifold and whatever else from presumably something like a 56 Dodge Coronet 6 to produce about 130 bhp. B. A 3 speed manual transmission also perhaps from a 1956 Coronet, which I assume must be a better transmission than a 1936 one. Can anyone tell me if these Coronet parts will fit a standard 230 engine, should I consider some other way of upgrading, is there a better 3 speed transmission, where can I get the parts from (either old unused, or used)? This trusty 33 Dodge has recently successfully completed Paris Peking Rally and could use some upgrading for its next rally. I live in England, but am used to shipping parts.