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  1. Tom, I am unable to find the article. Where can I find it? Thanks
  2. I recently reassembled the vacuum tanks for my convertible and was seeking some advice as to what lubricant to use in the tank. The plungers have a leather ring around them and the leather needs to be properly lubricated to keep the seal as the air is pushing or let out. After checking with John Murphy, I have received a couple of suggestions: Neatsfoot shoe oil (may have been originally used) and Marvel Mystery Oil. Its important that the leather be soaked with the lubricant so that the leather expands. If you have one that is dried/drying out, soak it over night before re- installing. As I was installing the plunger I added a couple of tablespoons of lubricant (Marvel Mystery Oil) to keep them operating efficiently.
  3. Thanks. But, I must admit that I was a bit naïve when I started. Fortunately, I had some great help and tutelage.
  4. When I began the restoration of my '40 Continental convertible the car was a mess. The frame was badly corroded and weak. There also was a lot of corrosion in the panels. I bought a donor car (coupe) from John Murphy and drilled all of body-to-frame welds out of both cars. We cut the donor frame apart and used what we needed to make a solid frame. We also cut of the roof off the donor car and then went on to graft portions of the donor body panels to replace our corroded panels. After that, we rebuilt the car on the mended frame using many of the weld holes as a guide, along with a lot of measurements, and welded it back on. It can be done but it is truly a lot of work. Here are a few pictures.
  5. I am assembling/installing a part of my Hot air heater and have a couple of questions. 1. At the cowl - how does the defrost cable connect to the air regulators and is the cable secured to the left metal defrost tube after it comes out of the firewall? A picture from left and right would be really helpful. 2. Once the defrost tubes are center mounted and run into the firewall, are they secured inside in any way to keep them in place? 3. Regarding the heater port inside the cab: Is a gasket used when mounting the interior heater vent? 4. I have an electric motor for the hot air system but it is shot. Does someone sell these items or can they be rebuilt? If so, who might do that? The guy I took it to didn't want to work on it. Thanks for your help Mike
  6. I am looking for a '37-38 Terraplane steering wheel in repairable condition and with a horn button. Thanks Mike Markin 715-829-7733
  7. Thank you for the help. I researched spring spreaders and found that I can build one. I appreciate your help!
  8. I am reassembling a '40 Continental and I have run to difficulty in reloading the rear leaf springs. I did have the rear end updated with a Columbia and I am wondering if the dimensions are correct or if there is a trick to loading the rear leaf springs. Here are some dimensions that I have taken and I wonder if any one could shed some light on this for me. Length of the axles - tip to tip - 67" Axle Shackle stud mount - center to center - 48.25" Shackles - 2 1/8" center to center Shackle stud to shackle stud = 44.0" Leaf Spring spread - spring shackle stud to spring shackle stud - 39.75" As you can see I have about a 4" gap to close to get the spring mounted to the axle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike Markin
  9. Nope, I'd like to have one to restore or own. Here is a list of the cars that I own that are all stock: 1923 Buick 54 3 passenger roadster 1931 Ford 4 Door (Blind Back) 1937 Cord Beverly 1940 Studebaker Champion 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental Convertible 1941 Plymouth Coupe Special Deluxe 1966 Corvette Stingray Convertible (Wife's car) Yes, I did build one street rod from a 1938 Graham that was so far gone it could not be brought back to life economically. So, I fulfilled that dream with that car. It is the only Graham coupe in existence. Graham had plans to build one but never did. I did and restyled the car with Graham all over it. I built it out of a dilapidated 4 door sedan. The Hupmobile Aerodynamic Coupe is a beautiful car. I love the art deco period, if you can't already tell. I'd love to own one. Thanks for your help.
  10. I am looking for a 34-37 Aerodynamic Coupe (restored or restorable). Any help in locating one is much appreciated. Thanks Mike 715-829-7733
  11. I have it out and apart. The impeller is in tact but cannot be removed without busting, I fear. Are there replacement parts available, including the long shaft? Mike