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  1. I live in Melbourne Australia, so most cars are RHC.
  2. My 1925 ER standard six Panel Delivery is nearing completion. It has been about 17 years since I started it. It sat untouched for long periods of time between work sessions.
  3. The numbers being discussed here appear to be on the transmission rather than the engine block?
  4. Hi. I would be interested in seeing pics. I have a 1916 Studebaker Roadster and some literature on it.I will buy it if it is something that I don't have. Thanks Dave...
  5. Hi all. I have removed the cover from the differential on my 1916 SF four Roadster and discovered teeth missing from one of the small spider gears inside the diff center. Was there ever some sort of workshop manual for working on these? Thanks in advance Dave Pink.
  6. Hi Wayne. I received a payment from Wayne Tink? Must be you. I did not receive your form. Please try to resend. davepink53@yahoo.com Thanks. Dave Pink.
  7. Wayne, We have a very good group of Antique Studebaker people here in Australia with The Historical Studebaker Register of Australasia. there are about 140 members, some of them from WA. Bi-monthly newsletter and yearly member & Vehicle booklet. Website; http://studebaker.yolasite.com also on Facebook. email; davepink53@yahoo.com Studebakers from 1909 to 1949. Dave...
  8. Thanks for your input, Rodger and Peter. I think that I have located a pair of drums so just need someone here in Aus to reline the brake shoes Dave...
  9. Hi all. The rear brake drums on my 1925 std 6 Touring ( rear wheel brake only ) have worn and now have a concave shape in the braking area of the drum. Any ideas on how to repair these or where to get some replacement drums? I am in Australia. Thanks in advance for your help. Dave Pink.
  10. I simply removed the gauge line fitting from the pump then used an oil can to fill the pump with oil. replaced the fitting then fired her up. Problem fixed.
  11. These are my 1925 'ER' Tourer, and 1916 'SF' Roadster & 1913 'SA' 25 Town Car (no longer mine)
  12. This is a 1913 'SA' Four Town Car that I owned for a while. Sold it 3 years back )
  13. Hi to all. If you like looking at photos of old Studebakers, or have any to offer, check my Face Book site. [h=2]Historical Studebaker Register of Australasia[/h]Be sure to 'LIKE' the page. Thanks Dave Pink.
  14. Send me an email. davepink53 AT yahoo DOT com (replace DOT & AT with appropriate symbol)
  15. Hi All. I have started a page on Facebook for my Register. Go to Facebook and search for Historical Studebaker Register of Australasia. Don't forget to like the page and post a picture of your pre war Studebaker. Thanks, Dave...
  16. Glad to see that you got a set John, I guess you wont be wanting the ad in Rotating Spokes Magazine now. Dave Pink...
  17. I bent some very crude 'c' shaped clips from metal strapping, The stuff they use to secure things to pallets etc. It worked well. Dave..
  18. Don, what is it and where is it listed? Dave...
  19. I have a set of 21"disc wheels from a four wheel brake stude on my '25 delivery van. Dave..
  20. They look just like the wheels on my 1925 ER std 6 Tourer. They appear to be in good condition. Dave...
  21. Hi Doug. I have a couple of ER std 6 diffs. No idea if they are similar to EQ or not? Perhaps someone would know. It is too late to advertise in Rotating Spokes magazine, it will be posted on Monday, along with the new Crono. Regards, Dave.
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